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Westside Theatre

407 West 43rd Street

2 Hours 15 Minutes 15 minute intermission

October 21, 2004

Off Broadway Comedy

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The great Off Broadway show spent 18 month in Los Angeles and seems to have taken New York by storm. The story is about two 30 something guys and friends one being a gentile who wants to marry a nice Jewish gal. Adam, his good friend decides to take Chris (the main character) into the world of Jewish culture to help him adapt more to the religion and way of life. Of course the adventures take off from there and the show has a great story which has a slap stick witty type of humor.

Some may say the humor of the show is a bit lowbrow and a bit of a warning at some stereo typical low blows perhaps to the culture. So political correctness is out the window on this one. Anyone who finds humor in their culture and a sort of "Mel Brook's" type of humor will love this show and it is highly recommend for a great night out Off Broadway.

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