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Belasco Theater

111 West 44th Street


February 22, 2007

Revival Broadway Play

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This show is what theater truly was at one time, deep, thoughtful, emotional and filled with content which creates a mood the whole way through. The time of the show is perfect considering the state of affairs the world is in and the revival of the British World War 1 play could not be more fitting for a night of the way theater is meant to be. The play pretty much takes place in a bunker in France and the closer you are to the stage the more drawn into that you will be.

This show has some older actors who do a fine job, at times unbelievable and some younger actors who tend to get lost and lose touch. The further away you get from opening night the better the shows will most likely be in my opinion. This show is not a vague or melancholy new Broadway show. This drama takes you back to the beginning of New York theater and for that alone makes it a great night for anyone who loves true theater.

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