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Belasco Theater

111 West 44th Street


February 22, 2007

Revival Broadway Play

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This timely revival opened at the Belasco Theatre in February of 2007 and is scheduled to run through July 1, 2007. It was written by R.C. Sherriff and was first performed in 1929 to successful critical acclaim. Journey’s End takes place in the trenches at Saint Quentin, France and was the first play to tackle World War I. It is based on the author’s own experiences. Even though it was written over seventy-five years ago, the story is universal enough to relate to any war at any given time.

After spending almost three years in the trenches without any significant leave a young commander, Captain Dennis Stanhope, has taken up drinking to calm his nerves and deal with the daily grind of war. The entire play takes place in the officer’s dugout over a four day span in 1918. This play chronicles the soldiers on the front line facing fears and having to make snap decisions that may very well save their lives. It is a classic tale of survival and friendship that deals with the realities and horrors war can inflict on a soldier.

This riveting drama has led to several international productions including a 75th Anniversary revival in London in 2004. The current Broadway production stars Hugh Dancy in the lead. Mr. Dancy is best known for his successful film career including roles in “Black Hawk Down,” “Ella Enchanted,” and most recently “Blood and Chocolate.” The production also features Boyd Gaines, Jefferson Mays and Stark Sands. The ugliness of war is given a face in the form of these actors’ portrayals of the characters.

While most of this powerful production is heart wrenching there are moments of comic relief, but the audience never forgets the seriousness of war. There are many conflicts and themes throughout the play and in the resolution the audience comes away with a better understanding of why these men are willing to give their lives in the name of freedom. The strong characterizations make the performances that much more believable and in the end it is hard to come away with anything but respect for the lives that are lost in any battle. It is a story of friendship, compassion, humanity and above all else heroism. Journey’s End is as meaningful today as it was when it was first performed.

Journey's End Broadway tickets are selling on average for 45.00 dollars with premium and sold out seating averaging right around 200.00 dollars. The Belasco Theater sells out an average of 2,601 Journey's End Broadway tickets with a seating capacity of 8,136 the show is not selling out often.

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Show Times

Wed & Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

Tues Through Sat 8pm


Take the A, C, E trains to 42nd Street & 8th Avenue.

Take the B, D, F, Q trains to 47 - 50 Streets 7 6th Avenue.

Take the N, R, S, 1, 2, 3, 7, 9 trains to 42nd Street & Times Square.


Hugh Dancy
Boyd Gaines
Jefferson Mays
Stark Sands
John Ahlin
Nick Berg Barnes
John Behlmann
Justin Blanchard
Kieran Campion
John Curless
Richard Poe


Director - David Grindley
Written - R.C. Sheriff

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