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Palace Theater

1564 Broadway


April 29th, 2007

Broadway Musical Comedy

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There is a lot of mixed reception to this musical and one could understand why. If classic theater with amazing scores, dances and deep though provoking plots and storylines is what you are looking for perhaps go see "Company" or "Grey Gardens." If looking to introduce your teenagers to Broadway or just a fun night out then this musical will hit the spot. After all that is what this show is there for, a light fun an entertaining night at the theater. Most should have a familiarity to the hit movie and if you enjoyed the light and funny nature of the original movie you pretty much should know what you are in for. Add in some fun music and dance and there you have it. The acting remains high in energy throughout the performance and the sets do dazzle the eye, full of color and brightness.

Legally Blonde The Broadway show sticks closely to the movie and follows in the footsteps of other great movies adapted to Broadway, perhaps not as great as "Hairspray" or "Spamalot" the Broadway show does not fall as short as "The Wedding Singer" in my opinion. The musical version may be a bit predictable at times, but Legally Blonde does exactly what you would expect or want the show to accomplish.

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