Lion King Musical Tickets to Bring Out the Child in You!

Lion King Musical Tickets

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Minskoff Theatre

1515 Broadway (at 45th Street)

2 hours and 45 mins with One Intermission

November 13, 1997 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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The craze of this fantastic show has reached a high. And why not! Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the cute lion cub and his adventures in the thrilling jungles of Africa. This musical is a live version of Disney movie under the same name.

The show revolves around the life of Simba, the lion cub. The story begins right from his birth and ends till he becomes the king, after many struggles. “Lion King” is the perfect example of a father’s love for his son. You will see the self-imposed exile of Simba after his father, Musafa’s death. The show beautifully depicts his growing years with his new friends Timon and Pumbaa at a new place that soon becomes his home.

But he has to return to his kingdom and free the jungle from the evil clutches of this father’s brother, Scar. This is when Simba, a mischievous and naïve little cub, turns into a mature and responsible lion, who has to fight for justice.

Since 1997, “Lion King” has been selling house full. It won the Tony Award in 1998 for the Best Musical. The children who play Young Simba and his naughty friends are full of zest. The best part of the musical is watching these talented and committed children play their parts so well on stage. You will be astonished to see their concentration and delivery of dialogues! Perhaps, that is why Lion King Musical tickets have been vanishing so fast from the box offices!

The kids’ role lasts up to 80 minutes onstage as Young animals like Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, and others. They do everything – dance, sing, display hip-hop style of West Africa, wrestle, play pranks, and entertain the audience to no end. When Young Simba sings, “"I Just Can't Wait to Be King," the audiences just can’t wait to applaud!

During this song, the whole stage is filled with colorful ostriches, rotating on wheels, cheerful and cute animals dancing a jig, giraffes, gazelles, and tweeting birds. There is also the song “chow down,” where the animals fight off a pack of cunning hyenas, which have been sent by the evil Scar. At this time, can you simply sit quietly on the seat, without humming a tune or shaking a leg? No way!

The above two songs have been given more effects of song and dance as compared to other songs of “Lion King.” This has been done by Julie Taymor. She has used masks, puppets, and striking scenery. In the song “Chow Down”, you will see the staircase coming apart into two and a chaotic animal chase in the middle of the stage!

The beginning of the show is quite dramatic, thanks again to Julie Taymor. The flock of animals march down the aisle and up on the stage. As they do so, the curtains gradually rise with the song “Circle of Life.”

Lion King Musical Tickets

Truly an amazing story with equally amazing creativity! “Lion king” is a must-watch! Go; get your Lion King musical tickets today with the help of ticketing services and have a time of life! To view a huge online selection of Lion King musical tickets click the link!

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