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Perhaps we will call this "The Concert Heard Around The World" The hype is certainly there and the anticipation is intense. What more can you say, one hundred and fifty music performances, two billion audience members, seven continents and twenty-four hours. Sounds like an event not to be missed under any circumstances, will weddings be postponed? Probably! Because with no doubt there is something here for everyone and a once in a lifetime opportunity exist to be part of history. Not just any history but New York entertainment history or even world history at large. This certainly explains why Live Earth tickets have become a hot commodity.

The concert is more then just a music event. Like the many other concerts of the past, this is an attempt at bringing forth issues of importance to the world community. Like Live Aid and Live 8 before, this time around the event attempts to campaign for the awareness of climate control lead by The Alliance for Climate Protection who have set forth a campaign for the cause over the course of future years.

Live Earth Tickets

Live Earth tickets are well anticipated to sell fast, so the event organizers set a plan to minimize misuse. The only way to assure that everyone has a fair chance at purchasing tickets was through an online ballot. All the ticket registration has been closed so the opportunity to have a chance at two tickets through the system is over as of April 23.

The show will have a home at the massive Meadowlands Sports Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey on July 7, 2007. To view all available Live Earth tickets please click the link.

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