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Circle In The Square

1633 Broadway at 50th Street

90 Minutes No Intermission

October 21, 2010 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Play (Drama)

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Lombardi Broadway tickets are not just for the football and sports fan. The new American play is sure to captivate all that see it through a wonderful story of inspiration. The show covers the life of one of the most respected men in all of professional sports, Vince Lombardi. Set on stage to present a biographical account of his life from boyhood in the Bronx, NY all the way through his great successes as coach for the Green Bay Packers. The Broadway production is sure to be one of the more popular fall openings.

There are many different things bringing attention and hype for getting Lombardi Broadway tickets. The play is being presented as "Eric Simonson’s Lombardi." Mr. Simonson is an Oscar winner and well known in theater circles for his role in the Steppenwolf Theater Company. He has based the script solely on the work of Pulitzer Prize winning author David Maraniss's best-selling book "When Pride Still Mattered." The Broadway stage show is set to present the life of one of America's most influential and inspiring sports figures to audiences with previews starting on September 23, 2010.

The show will include a cast of six with Dan Lauria playing the role of the iconic coach. Mr. Lauria will be known and recognized by many for his work on the pop culture classic television show "The Wonder Years," in which he played Kevin's father. Lauria has much in common with "coach" as he played ball and won a college scholarship, he grew up in NY himself and even was an assistant coach for a high school football team. Adding to the 80's pop culture nostalgia, Judith Light, who played the mother on "Who's The Boss" has signed onto the cast as the wife Marie Lombardi.

While all who love pro-football of course know who Lombardi is most are aware of his name. The "Lombardi Trophy" is honored each year to the winner of the Super Bowl, the games most cherished award. Coach Lombardi found great success in the game though is mastering of gridiron strategies and his many times quirky personality. Still what makes the book, play and man so intriguing more so today than ever is his work ethic. In a world of fast paced shortcuts the man believed strongly in hard work, respect, effort and discipline. These characteristics eventually won him 5 league championships with the Green Bay Packers during the years of 1959 through 1967, a feat which gave him instant notoriety. While most are aware of the name "Lombardi" few know the real story behind the man, and that is what this play is planning to reveal.

Lombardi Broadway tickets will not just be for the football and sports fan. They are for anyone who wants to see an inspiration new American play. The Nation Football League has been part of the production, a first in Broadway history. The organization will be helping to add to the show with their logo's, music and even film footage from their vault. With previews around the corner and an official opening date of October 21, 2010 you can call the Circle In The Square Theatre or book your Lombardi Broadway tickets online through our secure site.

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