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If you don’t know where to book your London theater tickets from, then read on to locate some sources from where you can easily procure your tickets from. You can choose tickets for all big musicals, dance, opera, comedies and other hit events and that too, at a bargain price. But before we tell you where to get your tickets from, let us know a bit about the different kinds of theaters in London.

Theaters In London

There are four kinds of theaters that exist in London. They are the: The West End, The Fringe, The National Theater and the Globe Theater.

The West End theaters are high end theaters that feature only big house productions. Even the prices of the tickets in these theaters would be extremely high. While most of the West End theaters play a lot of musicals, you can also find some good plays that feature in these theaters.

The National and the Globe Theater are two more popular theaters in London. Here the prices of the tickets are subsidized and you can easily manage to catch some of the best plays. While the NT and the Globe focus on the new and the unknown writers that may or may not appeal to all, the Fringe and the West End feature only the hits.

Sources From Where Theater Tickets Can Be Obtained?

Let us now come back to the point: Where to purchase your London theater tickets from?

One of the most common sources to purchase a ticket from is the box office of the venue. Here, you can buy your tickets months in advance of the opening of the show. If you have not bought your London theater tickets in advance, then try and get your tickets on the day of the performance. You just might be lucky enough to get them due to last minute cancellations and could also be offered discount tickets, anyone rush tickets, student rush tickets, partial view tickets or standing only tickets. Though the chances of getting such tickets are a bit dicey, it is still worth a try.You could also book your tickets online. There are many reputable sites that offer the ticketing service by charging a premium value over the ticket price. These online websites have a relationship with the Broadway shows and you can also get excellent seating in the dress circle or the stalls. If none of the above suit your timing, then buying your London theater tickets from a ticket broker is the safest bet. While the demand of the Broadway tickets might exceed the supply, the ticket brokers are sure to arrange tickets for you and even get them delivered to your home. You would be charged an additional service fee above the price of the ticket, but this amount is only to take care of the costs that the broker would incur to secure your tickets.

Reputed ticket brokers have an updated inventory of tickets available and they would also offer you a seating chart so that you can easily choose your London theater tickets . Be wary of brokers who are without a proper license or operate illegally. Also make sure that you book through a ticket broker who is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

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