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Lyceum Theater

149 W. 45th Street

1 Hour and 45 Minutes, with an intermission

March 14, 2010 (Closed)

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Looped Broadway The Life Of Miss Tallulah

Broadway theatre is located in the theatre district of Manhattan in New York City. The fascinating thing about this particular theater is that it is one of the largest theatres with over 500 seats. There are numerous different types of shows played here, “Looped” is one of them. Looped Broadway is a play set in the year 1965. The fact that it is based on a real event makes it more impressive. 

The Story Line Of Looped Broadway

The story is set in the summer of the year 1965 and begins with an intoxicated Tallulah Bankhead making her way into a sound studio to record a line for her movie, titled Die, Die my darling. The play clearly shows Ms Bankhead as a wild party girl, with numerous exploits, flouting principles to the highest level. Due to her intoxicated state, she is unable to loop her line properly, and the play kicks off. The play basically revolves around the bantering and hilarious arguments, and confrontation between the uptight and irritable film editor Danny Miller and the unbearable and drunk Ms Tallulah Bankhead. The Looped Broadway play is an attempt at a humorous low key play to entertain the audience with a little show.  

The part of Ms Tallulah is played by Valerie Harper and the reviews about the play have stated that she has done an excellent job in portraying the original bad girl actress. The Looped Broadway play is a story of a bad mouthed glamorous woman, who has a history of alcohol and drug abuse, and the play has some gags about sex and inappropriate language too, meaning that it is not a show for kids.  

At first glance, this play is a shallow, quick-paced play with the theme of a Hollywood legend and her wild life. However, by looking a little deeper and concentrating on the play, you can see that the play sheds light on the motivations and stimulus behind Ms Tallulah Bankhead’s intense manners and conduct. After the intermission where MS Bankhead takes a walkabout for three hours to clear her head, the second act is a complete changeover. Tallulah gets Miller to reveal a few of his secrets and a conversation unfolds, much like a Psychiatrist’s session. The whole thing is presented in style and you will definitely not fall short of appreciating the director and the actors for putting together such a wonderful play.

The Looped Broadway play refers to the character of Miss Tallulah Bankhead about how she is a drunk, drug user, chain smoker, and a misbehaved celebrity. However, it sheds very little or no light on her past, such as her father being a congressman and a speaker of the house, and her grandfather being a United States Senator. The play also hardly touches the subject of Miss Tallulah being the theater goddess in 1902. All in all, the play is a reenactment of the life of a drunken actress, and portrays the humor between her and the film editor. A must watch play – go get the tickets!

Tickets Information

Looped Broadway tickets are running between $50.00 and $140.00 at the box office. Premium seating and sold out performances are running between $80.00 and %$230.00.

Show Times

Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

Tue 7pm
Wed through Sat 8pm


Take the B, D, F, Q trains to 47 50th Street and 6th Avenue

Take the N, R, S, 1, 2, 7, 9 trains to 42nd Street and Times Square


Valeire Harper - Tallulah Bankhead
Brian Hutchinson - Danny
Michael Mulheren - Steve
Glynis Bell u/s Tallulah Bankhead
Tim Altmeyer u/s Danny/Steve


Direction - Rob Ruggiero
Set Design - Adrian W. Jones
Costume Design - William Ivey Long
Lighting Design - Ken Billington
Sound Design - Michael Hooker and Peter Fitzgerald
Written by - Matthew Lombardo

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