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Ethel Barrymore Theater
243 West 47th Street
1 hour and 45 minutes no intermission
April 21, 2013 (Limited Engagement - July 14, 2013)
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Macbeth Broadway tickets for Alan Cumming's one-man interpretation of a Shakespeare classic are now available. The production will run at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre with previews beginning on April 7, 2013. The official opening night is scheduled for April 21, 2013 with a limited run closing on July 14, 2013. Don't miss a chance to catch a rare, fresh look at one of the most legendary tragedies every written!

MacBeth of course is most known as one William Shakespeare's most popular writings. The story is also considered to be his darkest and most powerful tragedies which he wrote. The story is set in Scotland and tells a painful tale of lord Macbeth and his lust for power and control at all costs. MacBeth carries forth his agenda to be king at all costs through a psychological moral descent which can be viewed as nothing less then pure evil. The protagonist will stop at nothing in his quest for political power including regicide to become King and murderous terror to the people to keep control. With his Country thrown into turmoil the new King soon faces many challenges in a slow and painful decent in which all which is truly important within life is lost.

Notable Performances

MacBeth is Shakespeare's shortest tragedy and believed to be written between 1603 and 1607. The earliest staging can be noted around April of 1611. The story has went on to be staged in various forms throughout the centuries. The earliest film was a short made in 1905 called "Death Scene From Macbeth." Orson Welles created a film version in 1948 in which he also played the lead role. Roman Polanski created a screen adaptation of the work in 1971. This was his first film after the notorious murder of his wifeSharon Tate.

The latest Broadway staging is a complete "one-man show" by Alan Cumming's. The production is from the National Theater of Scotland. It was first staged last year at New York’s Lincoln Center. Mr. Cumming's produces his own insightful interpretation into the Shakespeare classic. He deconstructs the work and sets the play in a mental ward. Cummings is dressed in full hospital attire where he soon begins to act out the story alone, covering all the characters himself except for some occasional help. Cumming's delivers all the famous lines with a Scottish-accented voice and pulls them off flawlessly. His performance and interpretation of the work are powerful and riveting throughout.

MacBeth is being staged for a strict limited run and certainly should not be missed. There has been a small revival of sorts in the "one-man show" genre of Broadway and the genre has somewhat been hit or miss with audiences and critics. The current staging of MacBeth is certainly a "hit." While some may find complaints in the fact that the play has been heavily cut down to fit an hour and forty five minute run time, nothing is lost, the essentials are there and the story comes off just as powerful. It is a show that should not be missed for fans of tragedies and of course of Shakespeare.

MacBeth Broadway Tickets Information

MacBeth Broadway tickets are costing between $69.50 and $145.00 from the box office. Premium seats and sold out show times are costing between $98.00 and $525.00. You can view our great selection of MacBeth Broadway tickets online by clicking the link.

Show Times

Sun 3pm
Mon - Tue - Thur 7pm
Fri & Sat Sat 8pm

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Alan Cumming

Direction - John Tiffany and Andrew Goldberg
Scenic and Costume Design - Merle Hensel
Lighting Design - Natasha Chivers
Sound Design - Fergus O'Hare
Video Projection Design - Ian William Galloway
Voice - Ros Steen
Movement - Christine Devaney
Music - Max Richter

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