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Biltmore Theater

261 West 47th Street

2 hours 45 minutes with one 15 minute intermission

October 4, 2007

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If you are a stamp collector, then you must not miss the first new show of Broadway season – “Mauritius.” Jackie, played by Allison Pill, clears and leaves her deceased mother’s home. The one prized possession that she has is a couple of rare stamps that her mother handed out to her before dying. This is the only item that can help her get rid off her family’s debts.

Philip, played by Dylan Baker, is a grouchy professional philatelist, who does not show an iota of interest on Jackie’s stamp collection. Dennis, played by Bobby Cannavale, is a smooth-operator and stamp speculator. He has been keeping his eyes and ears open lately to grab any opportunity that comes his way to make bucks. Dennis shows a keen interest in Jackie’s stamps.

The Mauritius stamps are seemingly outstanding, with a worth of around $6 million! Dennis sniffs out the profit in this stamp deal and approaches Jackie. But, this big sting is not possible without the help of Dennis’s affluent partner Sterling, played by F. Murray Abraham. Sterling is a rough and brutal businessperson, with a fetish for rare stamps.

Mary, played by Katie Finneran, comes into the scene. She is the estranged elder half sister of Jackie. She claims the stamps to be hers and insists that it was her paternal grandfather’s wish to give the stamps to her.

Does Jackie come in the trap of the three men? Does her half-sister get the stamps? Well, the play becomes even more interesting when the three men weave ways to get possession of the rare stamps. But, Jackie proves to be a tough nut to crack. It’s fun to see the men trying to outsmart each other to get the stamps. Jackie, too, has her own plans to outsmart them. And let’s not forget Mary, who won’t give up the chase for stamps that easily.

One of the features that make Mauritius Broadway charming is its dialogues, which are brief and juicy. And if you think the play is all dialogues and changing sets, you are wrong. There are scenes of violence too! Allison Pill is remarkable, as she brings out the unpredictable and aggressive personality of Jackie. Pill is known for her role as the emotionally destroyed lady in “Blackbird” and uses her acting skills in the same focused manner.

Abraham is marvelous as Sterling in the play. Popular for his childish enthusiasm, this time he shows his dark malevolence side to the audience. Cannavale does full justice to his character of Dennis, by exuding the right amount of cool attitude. Katie Finneran, who plays Mary, is equally commendable. And finally, for Dylan Baker, there are hardly words to describe his perfection as the irritable professional philatelist, who shows his self-importance in the story.

Mauritius Broadway Tickets

Everything in “Mauritius” draws attention of the audience. Jackie’s home, Philip’s store, Sterling’s office, costumes, lighting, and, of course, the story, are worth watching. So, call the ticketing service and get Mauritius Broadway tickets today. For a great selection of Mauritius Broadway Tickets click the link!

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