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Shubert Theatre

225 West 44th Street

2 Hours 30 Minutes, one 15 Minute Intermission

October 19th, 2009 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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Broadway is lighting up and shaking the ground as Memphis The Musical sends waves into theaters. This musical is set in the United States during the 1950’s. The United States at this time was just beginning to feel the wave of rock and roll music. It was a time where people not only had never heard about this type of music, but were unsure about how it would change things.

This era of rock and roll music was new not only to the general public but was also new to the artist and record companies who introduced us to it. The Broadway musical Memphis. The Musical will transport the audience back to this time of newness and excitement. Whether you are someone who lived it the first time around and remember the allure of those early days of rock and roll, or you are younger and wish to see what it was really like back then, you will leave Memphis The Musical feeling as if your were right there.

The musical takes place back in the days of segregation. During this time in the south, there were not too many, if any, partnerships between black and white Americans. This particular Broadway musical shows you the relationships between blacks and whites back then, how they were bonded together by this new form of music. Music was one area where segregation had started to break down. Rock and roll music of this time brought these two races together.

In Memphis, an up and coming young black singer is helped out career wise by a white southern D.J. The two of them pair up to bring rock and roll music to the masses. The setting is an underground dance club. Because rock and roll music was new at this time, many had to hide their love of it. Underground dance clubs were one area where the youth of America could freely listen to and dance to this racy and exciting new music.

This Broadway musical is being hailed for its use of rhythm and blues. The music written by and performed in Memphis The Musical is the work of Bon Jovi band member David Bryan. He uses his personal rock experiences to bring the roots of rock and roll to life before the audience.

This musical stars Chad Kimball and Montego Glover who are praised for their talents and abilities to bring this unique American time to life.

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