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If you are a music enthusiast, then there is no need to give an introduction about Michael Steven Bubble. You already know him for his award winning performances. This Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor were born on 9 September 1975. His first album was a huge hit in the United Kingdom and Canada. In fact, it reached the Top 10 charts and enthralled the audiences. He found his worldwide success in 2005 with his album, It’s Time. Later, in 2007, his album, Call Me Irresponsible, was a bigger hit. His first debut album was released in 2003. In the same year, he also appeared for a movie, The Snow Walker. He has won several awards and nominations. Rather, he has won two Grammy Awards and multiple Juno Awards.

If you haven’t bought Michael Buble tickets, then do not delay it any further. His concert will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. What’s more, you will be contributing to a social cause by attending this musical event. He is performing a single for raising money for the Haiti victims. Indeed it is a very thoughtful gesture. If you are a music lover or a good human being, we suggest you to buy the tickets to support a noble cause.

A Little More About Buble

He has worked in movie like Duets, The Snow Walker, Totally Blonde, and Las Vegas. He has won several awards, such as Juno Awards, World Music Awards, Genie Awards, MuchMusic Video Awards, National Jazz Awards, People’s Choice Awards, American Music Awards, Brit Awards, ECHO, Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, and Meteor Awards.

His 2010 tour is called the Crazy Love Tour, and Michael Buble tickets are now available through online and offline vendors. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, then do not delay the process of booking them right away. However, be careful with the process of booking. Many frauds and cheats sell tickets at discounted rates.

Do Your Bit For Charity

When you buy Michael Bubble tickets, you are doing your bit for a social cause. The money collected through this concert will be used for Haiti victims. Earlier, Bubble had performed for charity in 2007 for the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation. Jimmy Walker formed this institute in 1994. Michael Bubble has supported several other charities like 21st Century Leaders; Hear the World, Keep Memory Alive, Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, MusiCan, and Robert Kennedy/ Memorial.

Michael Bubble has a distinctive voice that can make you go weak at the knees. He is a hit among women of all age groups, from young girls to grandmothers. He can sweep you off the floor. Buble got his first breakthrough in 2000 when the Canadian prime minister invited him to sing at his daughter’s wedding. Later, David Foster took the risk of producing his first album entitled ‘Michael Buble.’

Michael Buble tickets can be purchased online, and you can also compare the rates on an hourly basis. Some online vendors offer this facility. Many websites serve as a safe and transparent comparison channel. Grab the concert tickets now and do your bit for the Haiti victims!


The heart beat of the jazz pack, he is on a tour for the promotion of his latest album titled “Call Me Irresponsible!” The guy with a fabulous voice is back with a bang. With the sales of 12 million album copies to his credit, he has a busy time ahead. His album “Everything” was released on April 23 and the new “Call Me Irresponsible!” released on April 30.

So, be ready for a season of Michael Buble’s magic! The single “Everything” is similar to his super hit “Home”, which had dominated radio in 2005. It depicts a sort of intimacy and is a classic album in its own sense. The next single “Lost” is to be released in 2007.

The Artist

Mr. Buble released his debut album six years back, in 2001. During that time, he already boasted of a large number of musical credits. Once he was established he became famous as a solo singer. He drew audience like a magnet.

The Big Break

David Foster, a well-known music producer from Canada, noticed him during his teens, when he grabbed the Canadian Youth Talent Search award. There was no looking back then. With the collaboration of David Foster, Buble released has first album in 2003.

The biggest quality of Mr. Buble is the swing in his voice due to which he can easily sing rock ‘n’ roll tunes. Songs such as “Fever” have been chartbusters. He also extended his terrain by singing a surprising version of “'How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”, which is a Bee Gee’s classic song. Barry Gib gave background vocals in this song. The rock ‘n’ roll version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” from “Queen” had created sensation.

The Live Album

It was in 2004, when Buble released the album “Come Fly With Me”. It was a live one. Through this album, he proved his concert skills to the world, something which he had never tried before. In the following year, his next album “It’s Time” was a smashing hit. He had sung the number “Can’t Buy Me Love” of the Beatles’ in a jazz version and included it into this album, which sold like hot cakes.

Buble is a jazz leader; a rock ‘n’ roll artist, and a show stealer who can feel the pulse of a live concert.

Michael Buble Tickets

It’s obvious that the Michael Buble Tickets won’t last long. Even as you read this, innumerable tickets might be getting sold!

And why not? This hot selling artist is a phenomenon in his own way. Do you know that his debut album under his name has sold more than 5 million copies? His “Time” is a Grammy Award winner! And if you are a die-hard fan, you might already have CDs or DVDs of his albums “Come Fly With Me” and “Caught In The Act”.

The good news is that you need not run to and fro Michael Buble Tickets to his shows. To view a great selection of Michael Buble Tickets at a great price just click the link.

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