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The NE Patriots or the ‘Pats’ as they are affectionately known are no strangers to victory. The team, which was founded in 1959, has a rich history of championship wins with no less than three Super Bowl Championships under its belt. The team has also won the Conference Championships thrice and the Division Championships eleven times. NE Patriots tickets have become high in demand during these times. With such an impressive track record, it’s but natural to wonder how the Patriots manage to pull it off. The secret to this lies in the different strategies that the NE Patriots are known to use.

The Offense

The Patriots are known to use a modified system of the famous Erhardt - Perkins offensive system. The Running Game is a good example of a play that has frequently been called as the traditional smashmouth offensive. In other words, it works to maximizing the possession of the ball and does not really use receivers much. In fact, the mantra for this kind of play has frequently been ‘pass to score, run to win’. This particular playing strategy has been found to be very effective when playing in cold weather, possibly because it keeps the whole team on the move and there is less risk of fumbling with the ball.

The NE Patriots are also fond of using a strategy known as the Passing Game. This is done through play action passing- the players fake a run and then suddenly throw the ball downfield when the defense is least expecting it. The Patriots have modified and worked on this model and had particularly remarkable results in 2007 when extra players were brought in to beef up their wide open passing attack.

The Defense

The NE Patriots are also known to employ quite a number of defensive strategies as well. One is a modified version of the Fairbanks-Bullough formation that uses four linebackers and three defensive linemen. The Pats are known to mix up the players from time to time, causing confusion in the other team’s offensive line. They are also known to shade their linesmen with over and under defenses. This particular strategy is considered to be more traditional and is rooted in the philosophy of standing strong and solid, rather than being flexible and taking risks. This is also known as the ‘bend but don’t break’ defense.

On the whole, the playing strategy of the NE Patriots is marked by a number of aspects. They are very militaristic in their approach, being incredibly self critical to the point of being perfectionists. Rather than focusing on the strengths of individual players, the Patriots look at the team as a whole. All players are looked on as equals. At the same time, the team is known for having players who are incredibly versatile and able to play many different positions. Their use of many different strategies is aimed at exploiting the weaknesses of the opposing team. Watching the Patriots play is always a special treat but it is even better when you can get quality tickets with the least amount of hassle. You can always search for a reputable online ticket broker to get you the best NE Patriots tickets with the minimum amount of hassle. You can View Our Great Selection of NE Patriots Tickets Online by clicking the link.

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