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Broadway has become synonymous with New York. You just cannot mention one without mentioning the other. People mostly visit New York only to take in a show on Broadway, and those who visit New York for other purposes, including for business, always try to find time to see a performance on the stages of Broadway. Taking in a performance on Broadway does not just mean visiting a theater. It is a complete experience in entertainment.

Though there is no fixed dress code, you do dress for the occasion. Yes! It is an occasion unlike any other. Depending on what you have planned, you can have pre-Broadway dinner and drinks, followed by the show; or you can plan to have dinner and drinks after the show, and follow it by strolling down the Great White Way. This is entertainment galore and an experience you will never forget. This is an experience you would like to experience, over and over again. . and why not?

How to Arrange Those Broadway Tickets

Unless you have planned in advance, NY tickets for a Broadway theatre are not easy to arrange. New Yorkers have great savvy in booking their Broadway tickets months in advance, especially for the popular shows. Some are known to book a year in advance!

Visitors to New York, if they are aware of their itinerary well in advance, could book their tickets through online sources. People who come to New York for a short duration and would like to take in a performance on Broadway, or if you need to entertain your out of town business associates and need NY tickets for a Broadway theatre in a hurry – approaching the box office may not work at the last minute.

This is what you can do...

Approach those re-sale forums where you will find people trying to offload their extra tickets. You can also approach auction sites, such as eBay, where anonymous people are trying to sell you their extra Broadway tickets. The only problem buying your NY tickets for a Broadway theatre through such anonymous sources is that the tickets could turn out to be fake. You only come to know after you have paid heavily for those tickets, after you have become lighter in your pocket!

You can, of course, approach those great people known as scalpers. They are the species found loitering outside the venues of the shows trying to sell you the tickets you are desperate for. As the name implies, you only come to know you have been scalped after you have dished out exorbitant amount for those tickets, which in most cases turn out to be fake.

Your Best Option

Your best option for those NY tickets Broadway theatre is to approach the box office of the theatre which the show of your choice is playing. If the show is popular tickets may be sold out and the use of the many ticket brokers of New York may be your only option. Most are legitimate and competent and have the wherewithal to arrange your NY tickets Broadway theatre even at the last moment.

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