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The Yankee's have a long history and great pride for New York City, well known as the greatest sports franchise in the history of sports, and that means all sports, love them or hate them (which is pretty much how it is split worldwide) the Yankee's record over the years speaks for itself. The stadium in it's own is a landmark with the deepest roots of baseball history and if traveling to New York for a vacation whether you love baseball or cannot even understand strikes and balls, going to Yankee Stadium and especially Monument Park is almost as worthy as seeing the Statue of Liberty, the stadium is a part of the deepest roots of New York entertainment history, and you maybe overwhelmed by the ghosts which many players talk about as they first visit this special place in America.

The Yankee's have had some bad times in their history, an unbelievable winning record, pennants and World series rings and sell out Ny York Yankee tickets ast the sales window sometimes do not tell the whole story of the pride of New York. The loss of Lou Gerig and Mickey Mantle come to mind, as well as the great catcher Thurman Munson. The Yankee's also had some really bad years in the 1980s unable to make the playoffs for years and fans were heartbroken to see Don Mattingly's handwork and playing in pain and injury go unrewared without even a chance at a ring. Things did turn for the best, to say the least Brian Cashman, the General manager got the players and through the farm systems the Yankee's put together one of the best teams they had ever had, if 1927 was murders row, then the mid 1990s lineup was slaughters row. With such players as Wade Boggs, Bernie Williams, Roger Clemens, David Wells, David Cone, Andy Pettitte, Paul Oniell, Derek Jeter and the unbelievable artistry of pitching Mariano Rivera the Yankee's were set for a run at history, and it all began with a chance for Mattingly to get his ring in the first Wild Card playoff series. The Yankee's ended up losing to Seattle in that series, but the next years were very special for Yankee's fans and their leader Joe Torre. Aswell as ownership who saw an impressive jump in NY Yankee ticket sales.

The next years added even more great power hitters such as A-Rod, Gary Sheffield, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, Jason Giambi and the Yankee's were not as successful as the mid 90's team which will go down as one of the greatest teams in baseball history.

The Yankee's old team name was the Highlanders , but by the 1920s when the franchise and baseball really exploded in New York. They were remembered as one of the greatest teams, the 1927 Yankees are probably the best team to ever play the game, with legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gerig the stadium was filled with excitement and the long ball became a crowd pleaser with Babe Ruth hitting 60 homers in 1927 he quickly became the pride of New York and of legendary status. In 1928 The Yankees become the first team to make numbers a permanent part of the uniform, the system was to put the numbers of the batting order which is why the old Yankee uniforms have such low numbers as three and seven and so on (numbers on uniforms would become standard for all teams by 1932).

Yankee baseball and the stadium itself are a very important part of New York City, and going to a game is a special moment for just about anybody, it would be hard pressed to find any other American experience which could compare to taking the family, a date or a friend to a Yankee day game, grabbing some peanuts and a hot dog and joining in the excitement which has given so much jubilation, tears and heartbreak to so many sports fans over the years. So if in New York for vacation or travel, or if you are a long time resident of the area, go pick up some NY Yankee tickets and enjoy a night at the game.

NY Yankee tickets average around sixty dollars per ticket, however this all depends on which teams are playing, the rivalry of the Red Sox brings sold out games, hard to find tickets and soaring NY Yankee ticket prices.

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