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John Golden Theatre

252 West 45th Street

1 hour and 15 minutes with no intermission

October 11th, 2009 (Open-ended)

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The play Oleanna is being performed on Broadway. This is a two person play starring Julia Stiles and Bill Pullman. Both are well known and well respected actors in both films and the stage. Pullman and Stiles both have said Oleanna is an honor to perform because of the rich dialogues of the play.

Most every Oleanna review has sparked controversies since it was first written and performed. David Mamet first wrote the play as it was performed in 1992. It debuted at this time in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was produced by the Back Bay Theater Company. It is now on Broadway where it is sure to ignite the same firestorm of debates.

Coming out after the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas controversy, Most every Oleanna review points out the same kind of ‘he said she said’ debate. It involves a similar relationship between a man and a woman. The real life case of sexual harassment between Hill and Thomas essentially started the whole national debate about work place sexual harassment and superiors.

The male figure in Oleanna is a college professor named John. Much like the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill controversy, John has some control over the woman involved. He is, in a sense, in control of her education. He is also older than her. Carol, the female character in the play, is basically at his mercy. She admires and respects him as a professor and looks to him for guidance. In Oleanna, Carol seeks John out in order to help her with a grade. She is an intelligent character who looks at John as a mentor. Naturally, she wants his respect and approval.

The play takes place in John’s office and chronicles the two encounters that these two figures have. The first involves an altercation of sorts which results in charges of sexual harassment. What happens between the two characters is seen by the audience. Even though they see it, men and women tend to typically feel they saw something else. They will end up torn between believing that John was only trying to help her and she took advantage of him and set him up and believing that she is innocent and he took advantage of her.

Their second encounter in Oleanna results in the audience realizing that Carol and her accusations have ruined John’s life. The two characters debate and discuss what happened. It becomes clear to the audience these two characters also have vastly different interpretations of what exactly happened.

This is one Broadway play that leaves the audiences with impressions that last well after they leave the theater. If you are looking to get tickets to see Julia Stiles and Bill Pullman in Oleanna, you need to be sure to get them through an authorized broker. Ordering them online through a dealer is the best way to be sure the tickets are secure. You can also ensure that your Oleanna review and tickets can be delivered in a timely manner right to your home. Oleanna tickets are sold for a wide variety of prices and can easily be bought online.

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