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Studio 54 Theater

254 West 54th Street


December 11, 2008 (Closing on 15 Feb 2009)

Broadway Musical

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Pal Joey tickets are back in attention as the evergreen musical is gearing up for yet another re-run in Broadway. This is the sixth appearance of the 1940 classic in Broadway. In almost all instances it managed to attract new fans as well as satisfy the expectations of the old faithful. The original play was based on a series of short stories written by John O’Hara. Its screen version was written by George Abbott, who was also the director of the original musical. After its premier on December 25, 1940, it became an instant hit. The songs in the play such as “I could write a book” and “Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered” were everywhere.

The Story Of Pal Joey

For the benefit of those among the buyers of Pal Joey tickets who don’t know the story of this famous musical, here is a synopsis. The original story encompasses several stories written by John O’Hara for the New Yorker. But it has been modified by the director of the original play George Abbot to fit it into a two-act musical format. There have been several adaptations and revivals since. But the basic plot largely remains the same.

The story is set in Chicago, in the second half of 1930s. Joey Evans is the name of the hero. He is a below par dancer at a night club, who nurses big ambitions of starting his own night club. He is a quintessential woman charmer who never gets into a serious relationship. He meets a young woman, Linda English, who is not at all worldly wise and easily falls in love with his charming personality and fanciful lies.

After some song and dance sequences, another woman comes into Joey’s life, or rather to his old night club. Joey does not show, or pretend to show, much interest in the new woman, Vera Simpson, a married society lady. But later, he realizes that this new woman could be a life saver for him and he sets out to woo her. Needless to say he succeeds easily. The spectators who bought Pal Joey tickets keep getting their money’s worth as several all-time hit songs serve as the background for all these events.

Then Linda comes to know about her lover’s new affair and becomes inconsolable. Meanwhile, Joey’s attempts to persuade Vera to arrange finance for starting a night club meet several hurdles. The things get further complicated when one of the chorus girls in the night club tries to blackmail Vera on her affair with Joey. At last Joey realizes the trouble with women and the women in his life realize the trouble with Joey.

More than the plot summary, the treatment of the theme and how the theme is interwoven with those classic songs are the attractions that make the fans of this musical repeatedly buy Pal Joey tickets. The new version of the play is scheduled to be staged on December 11, by Roundabout Theater Company at Studio 54. Helmer Joe Mantello is the director of this revival. For getting Pal Joey tickets, one can approach an authorized ticket seller. These days, one can buy tickets on the Internet also.

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