Pantages Theater Tickets - Where To Get Them From?

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Pantages theater tickets can be booked either via the box office booth or through an online ticket broker. But before we go ahead with the different ways in which you can book your tickets, let us first know why the Pantages Theater is so special.

The Pantages Theater can rightly be called the epicenter of the Broadway of Hollywood. It is an Art Deco theater that was built way back in 1930. It got properly renovated in 2002 and since then has hosted the Academy Awards and staged numerous stunning musicals and power packed plays. Over the years, it has become one of the greatest landmarks of the world’s number one entertainment center, Hollywood.

Another stunning fact about the Pantages Theater is that five of the highest grossing weeks in the history of theater were all staged here. It has also staged the glittering Academy Awards for almost ten years in a row. Hmm, so now you would know why getting Pantages theater tickets may prove to be a really rough challenge.

Where To Book Your Theater Tickets From?

You can try the below mentioned options to book your tickets:

Search for the theater tickets at the Box office booth of the Pantages Theater. There are five Pantages Theaters in Los Angeles and you would have to locate which theater is playing the show of your choice. There is a high probability that you might not be able to find the tickets here as tickets for the more popular shows would have been sold out well in advance. If you belong to the category of the luck-less ones here, then the best place to try for some Pantages Theater tickets would be online.

Locate a reputed ticket selling site and find out if they have any tickets available for the show. Do note that while the ticket prices for the shows would already be exorbitantly priced, you would have to shell out another additional fee for the ticket broker too. This amount would take care of the shipping charges and the other costs that the broker would incur on your behalf.

You can also try to get the tickets on the day of the show itself. Though you would have to stand in a long queue, you never know when you might turn lucky enough to get last-minute cancellation tickets. In all probability, this option is the least guaranteed one. So the only sure option left is booking online.

Make sure that you deal with a legitimate ticket broker. Ensure that he is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers and belongs to a reputable online website. You can even get your Pantages Theater tickets emailed to you at an added $5 convenience fee. While having them delivered to your home might be a risky option, having them emailed would serve the purpose better.

You can also send a will call to the ticket broker who would arrange your tickets and you can just pick them up at the venue on the day of the show. Whichever option you select, just ensure that you deal with a legitimate broker. There are many fraudulent brokers and scalpers who might cheat you with forged Pantages theater tickets. So be cautious and book with reputed ticked brokers only.

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