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American Airlines Theater

227 West 42nd Street

2 Hours 30 Minutes with one 10 Minute Intermission

January 21, 2010 (Closing: March 21, 2010)

Broadway Play (Comedy)

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Present Laughter Broadway Play, NYC – The Revival

It’s hard to find a Present Laughter review which isn’t still moved by the wit and charm that made this play so popular years ago. This is one of those plays that is revived regularly and receives positive responses from critics and audiences alike. Written by the playwright Noel Coward back in 1939, this light comedy still holds the attention of the audience. In fact, many critics have called it one of the last true comedies that ever came out of England. In this case, the story behind the play is as interesting as the play itself.

A Self-Reflection

Any Present Laughter review will tell you that by the time Coward got around to writing this play, he was already a household name. Well-known for his talent, wit and charm, Coward was a sort of superstar. The play in fact is one of his most autobiographical pieces and Coward actually played the title role in its first performance. He admits that the character of Garry Essen dine is indeed a self-caricature and is perhaps one of the reasons why he pulled it off so flawlessly.

It is also worth noting that at that time, the world was on the verge of World War II. Churchill himself advised Coward to do his bit for the war by continuing to entertain the troops and people at home with his plays. Coward took this advice very seriously and toured not only Europe and America but also Asia and Africa. If one were to see a Present Laughter review from those times, many of them praised Coward for producing a comedy which was very representative of its generation.

Standing The Test Of Time

Noel Coward probably did not foresee the fact that this play would be revived regularly, well into the new millennium. In fact, Present Laughter became one of the few plays where the lead character went on to inspire many theater actors. Over the years, many a Present Laughter review has mentioned legendary names like Albert Finney, Simon Callow, Peter O’Toole and Ian McKellen who have all brought forth memorable portrayals of Garry Essen dine. When the play has been revived in America, actors like Nathan Lane, Frank Langella, Christine Lahti and Allison Janey have all played memorable roles.

The play revolves around a charming actor called Garry Essen dines, who is not only successful on stage but also with women. It is important to note that he is very aware and perhaps slightly bored with this success. This is why he manages to bring so much roguish humor in to his lines. The play takes place over the span of ten days where Essen dines prepares for an African tour. During this time, he must deal with the advent of his fortieth birthday, a crazed playwright and a number of women who want to seduce him. Any Present Laughter review will mention that this combination leads to some truly farcical events.

The present revival of the play does not just have some great actors lined up, but many people have also spoken of the great costumes and set designs as well. Given the popularity of this play, you’ll probably notice that tickets may be hard to come by. However, you can save time and money by purchasing these theater tickets through an authorized online ticket vendor who provides home delivery. You can View Our Great Selection Of Present Laughter Tickets Online by clicking the link.

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