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Ethel Barrymore Theater

243 West 47th Street

100 Minutes with one 15 minute intermission

December 6, 2009 (Closing - August 21, 2010)

Broadway Play (drama)

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Do you love watching plays? Do you think only plays can offer the right food for thought? Then, Broadway play Race should be your next selection. Race has been one of the greatest successes of David Mamet. He has put great effort into this play, to create a drama where the social issue of discrimination is discussed. This play has raised the issue of racial discrimination in the society, and how it is dealt with. The ignorance, lack of guilt, and excessive lies pertaining to the four letter word race are all discussed in the play. It has gained a lot of popularity and has already reached its 100 performances as on 3rd March 2010, within 4 months. The Race Broadway tickets are being sold in abundance, as the show has gained much popularity and is recurring. 

David Mamet has, through his newest play Race, made an uncomfortable impression on the audience. The racial discrimination, the lies, the chauvinism, and the female vs. male politics are all squeezed into a 90-minute play. Race is a show that is a must watch, at least once, and Mamet’s fans appreciate it as his most provoking play to date. The Race Broadway tickets are being sold rapidly due the success of the play.  

The good thing is that the tickets for Race are available online as well as on the phone. They can also be purchased from the Box office Barrymore theatre in New York. However, using the internet is a better idea, as the tickets are available in full prices as well as with discounts. It is crucial to mention that apart from the three official ways to purchase the tickets, there are multiple other dealers as well, especially on the internet that can easily provide discounted Race Broadway tickets.  

Race is a play based on the social issue of racial discrimination and about how people lie to cover it up. The entire play is a cacophony of lies and male dominance. The play is about a white man raping an African American woman, and a team of lawyers deciding whether to take the case or not. The play comes to an end when all the lies are unfolded and the truth comes forth. However, the most intriguing part for the audience is when they are left with more questions than answers. People are forced to discuss and ponder over what the entire play was about. It is due to this plot, and awareness about the plot, that has made people search for Race Broadway tickets, to see everything in reality.

Depending upon the day and the time of the play, the official regular prices vary from $85 and $121.50. The discounted prices vary depending on where the tickets are being purchased from. However, you can View Our Great Selection Of Race Broadway Tickets Online by clicking the link. The show is not suitable for children under the ages of 12, as the writer has expressed his views with the use of severe and somewhat vulgar language.

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