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Ethel Barrymore Theater

243 West 47th Street

100 Minutes with one 15 minute intermission

December 6, 2009 (Closing - August 21, 2010)

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Broadway refers to theatre performances in one of the largest theaters in Manhattan, New York City. The schedule of Broadway is very tight with numerous different plays being showed. ‘The Race’ is a play written by David Mamet and first aired on Broadway in December, 2009. It is directed by the writer himself. With the premiere of Race on Broadway, a lot of questions and discussions were raised on the current situation of racial discrimination. 

The first important thing that you should know before you actually go to see the play is that ‘Race’ is a play based on the concept of ethnical concepts and the discrimination that occurs. Race on Broadway is a play meant to highlight the misunderstandings or cultural differences. The play raises issues on the shameful ethnic views and the lack of natural guilt. The other important thing to keep in mind is that this play is not for children under the age of 12, as it covers the racial discrimination with spiteful words and with a case of rape. Due to the topic, and the way that the whole play is performed, it is only targeted towards the adult audience.

Storyline Of Race On Broadway

The play ‘Race’ is based on three lawyers, out of whom one is an African-American law clerk, and two partners - one African American, and the other, a white man. The play opens with them deciding whether to take the case of a rich man who is accused of raping an African American woman. The play is relatively fast paced leaving more questions than answers in the minds of the theatergoers. The rape case opens up topics like guilt shame, lies, sex, and racial discrimination. David Mamet wrote about his play in a recent essay comparing Race with sex, and denoting that truth can never be revealed about the two things. One of the qualities of his plays is that the audience is forced to bring their own thoughts forward on the subject. By showing the play Race on Broadway, the people are compelled to think about some serious realities of life.

The popularity of the play can be determined by the fact that the performance of Race on Broadway reached a 100 on March 3rd 2010, meaning that in less than four months, the play has reached so high.  

The play discusses the issue of race, which is the most common yet tabooed topic in the world. The bold words of David Mamet instigate thoughts into the viewers and open the eyes of many people. He discusses the racial discrimination as a terrible disease. The play Race is all about lies. The writer says that once the lies is over, the case is over. The point of the play where the rich white man can easily lie about the African American female and the hide the truth about the case is the point where many eyes open up. As soon as lies is exposed, the play concludes.  However, everything proceeds in a subtle way and that makes this performance a must watch! You can View Our Great Selection Of Race On Broadway Tickets Online by clicking the link.

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