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All the Red Sox fans now have a reason to rejoice! Red Sox tickets are for sale and the 2010 schedule for games is out! There’s hardly anyone in America who does not know about Red Sox and also that the Red Sox tickets for sale are one of the hottest commodities in town. The craze has reached a new high after the team’s 2004 World Championship. With the addition of the young and daring in the team, Red Sox is set to throw some real competition in the years to come.

Established in 1901, the Boston Red Sox has continued to thrill its fan base with sheer prowess and intriguing moves on the field. The fans are so devoted to their team that the tickets simply vanish into thin air as soon as they go on sale. This does not happen just once or twice, but is a regular feature.

Just two years after Red Sox was established, it won the first World Series. Thereafter, they could grab another championship only in 1912. Then followed a series of championships with 1915, 1916 and 1918 being the important years for the team. Later, the team could grab championships in 2004 and 2007 again, after a long interlude.

2004 was a historic year for Red Sox as they made a powerful comeback. Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were the batting leads of the team. The team defeated the Yankees and grabbed the American League Championship; an incredible 86 years after it had won the last world championship way back in 1918.

The years 2005 and 2006 were not so well for the team. But in 2007, they returned with fire in their bellies. They not only set new records in the game, but also broke records in the sale of tickets. Red Sox gained victory in 96 regular season games. This included 15 from Daisuke Matsuzaka, who played in the first season away from Japan; 17 by veteran Knucleballer Tim Wakefield; and 20 games by Josh Beckett, CY Young runner-up.

Last year, in 2008, Red Sox opened their campaign against the A’s in Japan. Jon Lester tossed a no-no in two years and became the second pitcher of their team to do so. This blew off the Kansas City Royals. In the ALDS, the Sox team defeated the Los Angeles Angels. But in the ALCS, it lost 7 games to the Tampa Bay Rays. Now, the 2009 games at the Fenway Park are awaiting you. Red Sox tickets for sale are up for grabs.

Fans are teeming up to collect their tickets. If you wish to avoid the frenzy, then there is another option. Book your tickets online, and better still, have them delivered at home. It is a shame to miss a phenomenon in the making. You cannot afford to ignore the young talent unleashing their fury on the field.

There is no good reason to miss having Red Sox tickets in your hands. Even the 2010 game schedule is online. What are you waiting for? You can View Our Great Selection Of Red Sox Tickets For Sale by clicking the link!

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