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John Golden Theatre

242 W. 45th Street

Two hours 45 minutes - one 15 minute intermission

November 4, 2007

Broadway Play

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Rock and Roll opened to full house on the very day it hit the theaters. This play by Tom Stoppard has been creating shockwaves in artistic circles. Usually know for his elegant and witty style of writing, Stoppard’s Rock and Roll has a raw energy and passion that hits the heart. Reviews for the play Rock and Roll have been very encouraging to say the least.

This play seems like a personal rendition of Tom Stoppard’s life and his personal battles. The play symbolizes all that Tom has lost and gained and what his life would have been had he returned to his birthplace Czechoslovakia after World War II and not stayed on in England. This is an unplanned quest to find his roots.

The play traces the lives of two main protagonists in different parts of the world. Music from those times just add flavor to the storyline of the entire play. You hear great compositions from yesteryears rock stalwarts like Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett. The play has two central characters, Jan and Ferda and a rather strong theme of music.

Critics have given rave reviews for the play Rock and Roll and some claim that this the finest play among Tom Stoppard’s works. His treatment of the times and political imagery is wonderful. His characters Jan and Ferda played by Rufus Sewell and Brian Cox respectively make an impact and touch the audience’s heart.

Tom Stoppard’s Jan is a Czech academic on study leave in Cambridge. He returns to Prague with his collection of rock records when World War II begins. His faith in his country is shattered when his prized rock records are smashed in front of his eyes by the secret police and his favorite rock band is put behind bars. Overtime he slowly finds himself being drawn to dissidence and Charter 77.

The other character Ferda, takes pride in the fact that he is a Cambridge Marxist. At the beginning of the play he dismisses the rock band Plastic People as escapists with no relation to the real struggle. Towards the end of the play he realizes that heretics and pagans cannot be separated and they are fighting the same battle one way or the other.

The other element introduced subtly into the play is the presence of an underground rock band - The Plastic People of the Universe. This rock band comes to symbolize the desire to be left alone.

In their reviews for the play Rock and Roll, critics have talked about the mature handling of the entire Czech and Cambridge disparity. The play has been given enough brownie points for its amazing background scores, the artists portraying the characters, the central theme and message and finally Tom Stoppard’s conviction.

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