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Roger Waters Concert Tickets

Roger Waters tickets were a huge selling success back for his 2007-2008 solo tour. Following up the previous tour's success he has now announced a 2010-2011 tour which will showcase his most comprehensive work with "The Wall". The announcement has been confirmed by Waters management, and he will be touring the U.S to play "The Wall" in its entirety throughout major venues. This is sure to be one of the if not "the" biggest rock concert event of the year and Roger Waters tickets are on sale now.


George Roger Waters was born on September 6, 1943 in Great Bookham near Leatherhead, Surrey. Waters spent his youth being raised in Cambridge, England, a war-torn part of Europe at the time, which plays significantly throughout his music including "The Wall". Waters father, Eric Fletcher Waters fought in World War II as part of The Royal Fusiliers Company C, within the British Army. He was wounded and eventually died from combat when Roger was only 5 months old.

Roger Waters and Syd Barrett attended both junior high school as well as a high school together in Cambridge. In 1965 the two would partner with Richard Wright and Nick Mason to form the now legendary band "Pink Floyd". The group did some early recording sessions for a demo under the name "Tea Set" in late 1964. The four song demo included a cover, of "I'm a King Bee" along with two original pieces by Barrett named "Butterfly" and "Lucy Leave". Up until late 1967 Barrett remained the bands lead singer, songwriter and lead guitar player until his mental health began to deteriorate. No longer able to function within the band alongside uncontrollable erratic behavior eventually led to his replacement by local guitarist/singer David Gilmour. The band did try to hold onto Barrett as a "behind the scenes'" songwriter for the band but the relationship was fully dissolved in March of 1968. Roger Waters would take over the songwriter role for the band including The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall and The Final Cut.

The Breakup

In 1985 Waters issued a statement that he would be leaving the band through a legal clause in their agreement. According to Water the band had no creative force left at the time, he went to the High Court in order to legally break up the band from its name. Gilmour and Mason strongly objected to these actions wanting to go on performing with the name and write under the original name, by 1987 the legal dispute was resolved and Pink Floyd would survive without Waters. The band's song style would sound the same but the albums would no longer follow a thematic conceptual approach.

On July 2, 2005 Waters would reunite for the first and still only time since leaving at the "Live 8" concert event in London's Hyde Park. While the event was a huge surprise and very exiting for fans the tensions on stage seemed visible. All the memorable songs were covered within the 23 minute set, apparently Waters and Gilmour did have arguments over what songs to play behind the scenes. While a full reunion tour was not deemed impossible Waters himself stated it was highly unlikely due to .the strong musical and ideological differences between himself and Gilmour.

The 2010 - 2011 Tour

Roger Waters tickets for the latest "The Wall" tour has constantly been one of the biggest selling seats of any concert for the year. The show covers two full sets, includes encores as well as all the state-of-the-art lighting and sounds like one would expect. The show will consist of Waters in front of a full band playing "The Wall" completely through in its entirety. It has been over 30 years since Roger Waters has performed this tour in America back when he was part of the original Pink Floyd line-up. Roger Waters tickets are a must get for any music fans, this is a tour that is not to be missed! Make sure to check out our huge selection of Roger Waters Tickets for "The Wall" Online by clicking the link!

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