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Are you fond of dance? Are you fond of so you think you can dance? Then why don’t you have So You Think You Can Dance tour tickets? Yes, watching the show on TV is good but then, compare it to watching your favorite dancers live in action? So you think you can dance is sensational and it has made stars out of common people. Reality shows were popularized with American Idol and then there was no looking back. There have been four seasons of So You Think You Can Dance and each season has come forth with new surprises.

The show began with prize money of $100,000 for the winner in its first season and graduated to $250,000. Not just these additional prizes include an SUV and a title of ‘America’s Favorite Dancer’. Perhaps the hottest of the prizes apart from the money of course came to Season 2’s winner. This was a one year contract of a dancing role in Celine Dion’s show. So You Think You Can Dance has gone on to become a huge success and thus many spin-offs have come up in countries like Canada, Italy, Thailand, and South Korea etc. Some countries have begun the show’s screenings after realizing its huge success and potential.

Why So You Think You Can Dance is so hugely popular is because it caters to not just one dance format but to almost practically all of them. People from all forms of dance are encouraged to audition and the competition is open to both championship winners and street dancers alike. The efforts that the participants make during the auditions as well as later in the competition are phenomenal. At first the show’s format was that participants will need to switch partners each week. However the subsequent seasons have seen a change in the pattern. There are twenty couples initially and till the time the couples are reduced to 10 through elimination, the participants don’t change their partners. The audience then votes for the couple and not individual performers.

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As the season finale begins partners are chosen randomly by picking names from within a hat and similarly are chosen the dance styles. Also in the finale both guys dance with each other and so do the girls. Formal details apart, the sheer energy that all the participants exuberance makes you heady and one does carried away by the momentum. If you are ready to be taken to the peak of your senses and want to be in the thick of things then get your So You Think You Can Dance tour tickets without any further delay. If you are wondering where you can get these tickets then it is always advisable to buy a ticket from an authorized ticket broker. This will take away any anxiety about hidden costs and will give you value for money. Quality entertainment at the best possible rates whether for premium tickets or otherwise is what you want, right? Then go and find the tickets of your choice right here, let us have the pleasure of entertaining you in style.

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