Sold Out Theater Tickets - A Few Questions Answered

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Is it really possible to buy sold out theater tickets? You know if its “sold out”, how could tickets still be available? But that’s exactly where we step in. We can find you tickets to sold out shows and get you those ‘difficult to get’ tickets.

It’s not uncommon for highly popular shows to sell out tickets within a few days (sometimes hours) of going on sale. So does that mean you have absolutely no chance of seeing that show? Well, in some cases, yes. But in other cases, that’s not the end really. What you need is an authorized ticket broker who has access to sold out theater tickets no one else has and your problems will be solved.

Is It Illegal?

We are not illegal ticket scalpers. We do not sell you tickets that are not legitimately supposed to be up for sale. An illegal ticket scalper will buy the tickets for themselves and then resell them usually for a crazily high price. Have you seen all those tickets that go on sale on eBay? This is actually a violation of the terms and conditions of the sale of the ticket. They get people to bid on these tickets and sell them off even when they’re not actually supposed to.

But, when you buy sold out theater tickets from an authorized ticket broker, you aren’t doing anything illegal. And neither are we! We are legally selling you these tickets because we are authorized to do so. So no, it isn’t illegal if you buy from a legitimate broker.

Why Am I Paying More?

This is a question we are often asked. Why am I paying more for these tickets? It’s pretty simple, actually. The tickets that were being sold initially were available to everyone. However, once the show is sold out, a precious few tickets are available to ticket brokers like us. Since these tickets are so precious and are for a sold-out show, it is normal that they will cost more. We wish they were cheaper but it costs us a pretty penny too to make these sold out theater tickets available to you!

Can I Choose My Seats?

Theater tickets available for sold out performances are relatively small in number because the rest of the tickets have all been bought by others. To be very honest, there isn’t too much choice either as far as seats are concerned. You may get to choose between the few tickets we have available but we can’t always guarantee that this will be possible. However, you can be assured that the seats wouldn’t be ones with an obstructed view.

If you really want to catch that show, there really isn’t much time to think about it. It’s probably a pretty popular show that many others would like to watch, as well. As an authorized ticket broker, we will offer you the best deal on these hard-to-find tickets.

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