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Foxwoods Theatre (Formely Hilton Theater)

214 West 43rd Street

2 Hours 45 Minutes with one 15 Minute Intermission

March 15, 2011 with Previews from November 28, 2010 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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After a seemingly never ending wait Spiderman tickets are on sale! The huge new musical production brings the 40 year journey of alter-ego Peter Parker to life on the stage. After the previous production team jumped ship for running out of cash rumors began to fly higher than the Chrysler Building. The bail out put the crew on hiatus, and actors were released from their contracts, including lead actress Evan Rachel Wood, which left over scheduling conflicts. While the many onlookers have been calling the Spider-man : Turn Off The Dark everything from a fatal flaw to the worst fiasco in Broadway history fans eagerly awaited seeing the Marvel Superhero perform on The Great White Way.

Within such economic hardships, it seems risky business to take on a 45 million dollar production. What has many pessimistic on lookers chuckling is that with the many delays it has managed to go over budget. Although the production team is keeping its budget hush-hush, word is that the Broadway musical version of the character is well over 50 million. Going over budget to the point many experts feel the production will never recoup the investment. Though it would be hard to conjure that Spiderman Broadway tickets will not be at the top of the weekly box office grosses for some time. There certainly are many reasons for those who dislike the over-the-top Broadway productions to sit back and enjoy the shows floundering.

Now the good news, there are probably more reasons to jump on board then hoping the ship goes down. It would be safe to assume that Spider-man : Turn Off The Dark has a great shot at becoming one of the most ground breaking musicals in Broadway history. Why? Well, for one it features a score by U2's front-man Bono and guitarist The Edge. While the musical score is certainly an intriguing aspect more so is bringing a comic book hero onto the stage as a musical! The nay-sayers of course are having a field day, stating "The wrong character in the completely mistaken environment." Which means if the concept works out it then becomes groundbreaking by default.

From early "leaks" of the rehearsals the musical adaptation sounds pretty darn cool. Bringing in a first-rate dance company to perform acrobatic circus feats and unbelievable action sequences. As director/co-writer Julie Taymor (Lion King) has been quoted, "We'll have (performers) flying over people in the audience, landing in the aisles and the balconies." One can make the assumption that the production is going to introduce some cutting-edge technologies to the Broadway stage this fall, and it sounds like they were not cheap.

Spiderman tickets will also bring the viewer into a new storyline. Taymor has decided to throw a spin onto the original tale. There will be some new characters introduced as well as an unexpected confrontation sure to send the musical over the top. The cast includes Reeve Carney as Peter Paker and Jennifer Damiano playing Mary Jane Watson. Previews begins at the Foxwoods Theatre on Broadway on November 14, 2010. Spider-man is slated for an open-run. Perhaps the greatest endorsement comes from Stan Lee, one of the original creators of Spider-Man. After watching a rehearsal Mr. Lee is quoted "I can't wait until that show opens, I want to see it one hundred times."

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