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Sting tickets for the "Back To Bass" tours are now on sale! Legendary bassist Sting may have just turned 60, but that isn't slowing him down at all. The musician rose to fame in the 19801980' as the bass player for the trio "The Police." The reggae and ska influenced band put out tons of hits that remain classics today. Sting will embark on a large North American tour which will play many popular theatres. He will be backed with a five-piece band which will play "stripped down" versions of his songs as well as many Police classics. The "Back To Bass" tour is in support of his new box set release "Sting: 25 Years" which is a retrospective of his solo work and post-Police career. While it may be difficult for many Sting fans to wrap their heads around the fact that he has been a solo artist for over twenty-five years, Sting tickets for this tour are sure to have fans ecstatic!

Sting was born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner on October 2, 1951. Well known as an English musician his rise to fame became known as the singer/songwriter, bassist and front-man for the band "The Police." After the breakup of his former legendary band Sting went onto a hugely successful solo career. Over the course of his career, he won sixteen Grammy Awards as well as a few Oscar nominations for Best Original Song. He is a proud member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the deserved Songwriters Hall of Fame. Over the course of his entire career Sting has covered a myriad of musical styles and influences. His tastes have ventured from jazz, rock, pop, world beat, reggae, new age and even classical. Sting tickets celebrating his twenty-five years as a solo artist for the "Back To Bass" tours are sure to be one of the best-selling concerts at the box office.

Sting has also explored the big screen as well as the small screen. His career in film and television has found solid success. Though he has never "broken" in fully to the commitment of being an actor he is often wanted by directors and producers. Of course, many of his roles involve him as only playing himself. He has been impressive tackling other characters throughout his career.

Sting is also a well-known and respected activist and philanthropist. He became involved with human rights issues back in 1981 as part of the fourth Amnesty International gala "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball ." His work with Amnesty continued throughout the 19801980' where he played many Human Rights Concerts. In 1984, Sting began to become more focused on political and social issues. The bassist took part in Bob Geldof's "Feed The World" event in 1984. His passion for people and culture as well as activism would lead to the creation of the Rainforest Foundation Fund with his wife Trudie Styler and Raoni Metuktire. The project would fight to save the forests of Brazil and the indigenous people of the area. Sting also played many benefit concerts, including " America: A Tribute to Heroes," " 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami relief efforts," and played a full set at the "Live 8" concert event as well as other benefits over the years.

Sting tickets for the "Back To Bass" tours are a real treat for fans. Though the solo career CD set being released does not cover his work with "The Police" the concert promises to play many of the classic songs. The band will be reworking the songs so most likely they will be played in a fresh new way never heard before. There is already huge demand for Sting tickets to this tour so book seats early in order to avoid disappointment!

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