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Music Box Theatre

249 West 45th Street

2 hours 15 minutes : One 15 minute intermission

October 1st, 2009 (Closed January 3rd, 2010)

Broadway Play - Comedy

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Few would have heard of Arthur Przybyszewski or Franco Wicks but that is okay. They probably haven’t heard of you either and from the relationship between the two men, they wouldn’t still recognize you even if you were in the same room with them. Such is the nature of plays you see.

Arthur and Franco are both characters in the new play of Tracy Letts. Tracy Letts, you might remember won a Pulitzer for his inspiring play “August: Osage Country”. If you visit the showing of his new play expecting something similar you will be pleasantly disappointed. Superior Donuts — as his new play is called—is vastly different from his last outing. It is in fact shockingly funny.

Many have long suspected that writer Tracy Letts has a sense of humour. With Superior Donuts, Tracy Letts confirm this with a bang. Yes, this recent work of his might not win him the Pulitzer, but the gentle scripts and genuinely funny lines will win him that which he obviously was gunning for - many laughs.

Set in—surprise, surprise—a donut shop, much of the tale revolves around the developing relationship between Arthur and Franco. The differences between both men are striking. Arthur is a man in his sixties who seems to have gotten the worst turn of life. His ex wife has just recently died and his only daughter has over the years lost touch with him. His only source of contact with the world is his donut shop and even in that, the drab interiors seem to indicate that the shop is kept open not for financial growth but because it has simply become his way of life.

Franco Wicks, on the other hand, is barely into his twenties. 21 and African American, Franco is full of advice on how the shop can be run and managed better. He also has more than a few opinions about Arthur’s life and he never fails to mention them.

With two contrasting characters, it is not surprising that humorous sparks occurs. True the subplot might be familiar, but the lines are refreshing and the jokes mostly well placed.

Since the play is centered in a donuts shop, there are the occasional appearances of people who make use of its services. There is for instance the Lady who visits every morning for her daily donuts and Max—a Russian immigrant who runs a video store, next door. Unsurprisingly Arthur, is provided with a love interest in the form of a visiting female police officer whose advances and intent are mostly unseen by Arthur until Franco points them out to him—an observation which inevitable leads to the discussion of his harrowing choice of wardrobe.

But the essence of the play in the end is the growing relationship between both men. As they come to terms with each other and slowly reach some undefined common ground. Superior Donuts besides being a delightful comedy has something soft and wistful about it. It might be no prize winner, but you will never forget the names- Arthur Przybyszewski and Franco Wicks.

And that just might be the true intent of Tracy Letts.

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Show Times

Wed & Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

Tue 7pm
Wed through Sat 8pm


Take the A/C/E to 42nd Street, walk north on Eight Avenue and then turn right onto 45th Street.

Take the 1/2/3 to 42nd Street, walk north on Seventh Avenue and then make a left onto 45th Street.


Michael McKean - Arthur Prztbtszewski
Jon Michael Hill - Franco Wicks
Yasen Peyankov - Max Tarasov
James Vincent Meredith - Officer James Hailey
Jane Alderman - Lady Boyle
Kate Buddeke - Pfficer Randy Osteen
Cliff Chamberlain - Kevin Magee
Michael Garvey - Kiril Ivakina
Robert Maffia - Luther Flynn


Directed - Tina Landauction
Set Design - James Shuette
Costume Design - Ana Kuzmanic
Lighting Design - Christopher Akerlind
Sound Design - Rob Mulburn and Michael Bodeen
Written - Tracy Letts

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