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Richard Rodgers Theatre

226 West 46th Street


May 10, 2006

Broadway Musical

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Wed and Sat 2pm
Sun 3 pm

Tue - Sat 8pm

Finally, Tarzan hit Broadway. After the success of musicals for kids – Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King – Disney had to bring its adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan of the Apes to Broadway. There was an advance sale of nearly $20 million worth of Broadway Tarzan tickets. All the shows are sold out and the theater is full of kids. On an average, about a third of the kids are under 12. Even for adults, Tarzan, the musical, brought back memories of the comic strips and a number of Tarzan movies that were made.

Different people have their own differing views on the musical, but on the whole, everyone plays their parts convincingly and the characters fit to perfection. The whole production is impressive and has great music. A lot many critics have ripped the musical to pieces, but one has to shed the skin of adulthood, and enter into the skin of a child to enjoy such a presentation. One should look at the joy on the faces of the kids that come out after watching the show.

Does anything else matter?

The Story – In Brief

It is not as bad as it is made out to be. It is a story of the son of an English couple who is shipwrecked off the coast of Africa, and is washed ashore, along with their infant. The parents are killed by a panther, and the infant is ‘adopted’ by a gorilla, Kala, who raises him as her own son. The infant Tarzan grows up and meets his first humans, among whom is the beautiful young Englishwoman Jane, who is on an expedition with her father, Professor Porter.

They fall in love and have to make a choice – To part, or to live together. In the latter case, one of them will have to leave their home.

Critics feel that the whole thing has been presented very sketchily. Let us look at the triumphs of Tarzan:

The stage pyrotechnics are great, even by the standards of Broadway. The dense green foliage, and the spectacular costumes of animal skins, are stunning visuals.Pichon Baldinu’s aerial view.Choreography by Meryl Tankard, who has created thrilling simian dances and leaps for leopards.The miraculous lighting design of Natasha Katz.

The Tickets

The musical – Tarzan – has been on production at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, from March 24, 2006 onwards. Even with the seating capacity of 1,368, all shows are sold out. The Broadway Tarzan tickets can be bought at the Box Office, and need to be booked in advance.

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