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Cort Theater

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December 9th, 2007

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Ask any theater critic about The Homecoming Broadway and they'll probably tell you it's one of Harold Pinter's masterpieces. They'll also tell you that it's not an easy play - in fact, it scandalized many an audience when it first hit the stage.

An Unusual Family

The Homecoming Broadway takes a harsh, unapologetic look at the life of a group of men, all bonded together by family. Max is a former butcher and has a brother Sam, who is a chauffeur. Max has three sons - Lenny, a man who appears to be a pimp, Joey, a boxer in training and Teddy, a professor of philosophy who lives in America. At the beginning of the piece, we see that Max and Lenny are the more dominant men of the household. Sam seems quiet and dutiful and is often teased by the other men.

Into this setting, enter Teddy and his wife Ruth. Teddy has married Ruth and has been living in America for the past six years - this is the first time he has brought Ruth home. On a superficial level, it might seem that this is the homecoming that the play is referring to. But this piece goes far deeper than that.

Homecoming And Coming Home

As the story of The Homecoming Broadway unfolds, it becomes uncomfortably clear to the audience that the relationships within the family are disturbing. Teddy, who has managed to rise above his working class London roots and become a professor of philosophy feels he is above the rest of his family. He holds that he will no longer be 'lost'- however, it becomes clear that his relationship with his wife Ruth is incredibly strained. So much so that he's more than willing to leave her behind and go back to America on his own.

The character of Ruth and the role she plays is also important. She is the lone woman who enters into the lives of these men- we learn that she made a living as a prostitute in the past and she agrees to take it up again and live with the men in London. In a way, the play is also a homecoming for Ruth, who goes back to her old profession. In fact, she seems more at home with these men than with Teddy.

The Homecoming Broadway is also an excellent example of how effective the pauses between dialogues can be. Pinter has also placed a great deal of emphasis on simple things like gestures, the placement of a chair, the look of a character. There is nothing overtly elaborate about the play, which is perhaps why many of its initial critics lampooned it for being meaningless. On the contrary, the play is replete with meanings on a number of different levels. This is why it has fascinated literary critics for years. Despite its minimalism, its effect is nothing short of staggering- perhaps this is why people have either hated or adored the play.

The Homecoming Broadway Tickets

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