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Lunt-Fontanne Theater

205 West 46th Street

2 Hours 30 minutes 1 15 minute intermission

December 6th, 2007

Broadway Musical

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The story is about a character by the name of Ariel, who lives in her father’s kingdom under the sea. She has an intense craving to come out of her water home and live in the world above. But if her father came to know about her desire, the she will get into intense trouble. During the course of the play, Ariel meets Prince Eric and falls in love with him. Prodded by a wicked witch Ursula, Ariel goes ahead to explore the human world in search of her true love. The entire musical is about the experience of Ariel and her quest for true love.

The Little Mermaid on Broadway is based on the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen. However, in the original fairy tale, the mermaid dies at the end and turns into a spirit, when she does not get her prince. But, Hans Christian Andersen has a happy ending, where Ariel and her Prince Eric live happily ever after. Good overpowers evil. After the musical was released, many publications altered the sad ending of the original tale and changed it to a happy note. Such was the influence of the little mermaid on Broadway. All great Hollywood starts have lent their voice to the characters.

The show ensures you ample enjoyment. You will be transported to a different magical world altogether. Broadway is a hub of entertainment. The tickets can be obtained from the counters. The musical has become so popular that the Little Mermaid on Broadway tickets are difficult to get. They get exhausted within a few hours of the counter opening. But you need not get disheartened. There are several online authorized dealers, who offer you Broadway tickets without any kind of hassle.

The online dealers obtain tickets for you. So you do not have to stand in queues, waiting for your turn to come. There are instances, where you would have to wait for hours in front of the box office, just to realize that the tickets are all exhausted. Imagine the frustration that you will feel. You can get rid of all this, with the help of online dealers. You must keep in mind that the ticket broker is authorized. This lends credibility to the agency.

But like all good things, there is a price to pay for the comfort and convenience offered. Since the tickets sold by the online brokers are premium tickets, they will be priced higher. The brokers will obviously attach their fees before delivering the tickets to you. After all, they are here for business. It is a give and take affair. They will save you all the hassle and discomfort associated with buying the Little Mermaid on Broadway tickets. In return, they will ask for their service charge. Fair enough. The Little Mermaid on Broadway is such an amazing musical that it is worth the extra money that you might require to pay for the tickets. It is an experience of a lifetime.

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