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Circle In The Square

1633 Broadway at 50th Street

2 hours 20 minutes with one 15 minute intermission

March 3, 2010 (Closing - April 4, 2010)

Broadway Play (Drama)

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Matinee: Sat 2pm
Evening: Tue through Sat 8pm

Broadway is the platform where actors are born. They are able to portray characters and use their live performances to enthrall audience and critics alike. They can get the satisfaction of receiving instantaneous reactions to their acts and rejoice in the feel of it.

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary of opening up, The Miracle Worker Broadway show is an amazing depiction of relation between Helen Keller and her mentor Annie Sullivan.

It is supported by an expert cast of Abigail Brisling playing Helen Keller, Alison Pill depicting Annie Sullivan, and performances by Mathew Modine and Jennifer Morrison. They bring their much touted screen experiences into theatrical arena to enliven this story directed by Kate Whoriskey.

The Miracle Worker Broadway Show

The play depicts the story of a young Helen Keller who was born deaf and blind and consequently turned mute. Her parents did not know how to handle their child and that resulted in the child becoming wild and spoiled. With no understanding of the world around her she became increasingly aggressive.

Helen’s parents then hired the services of Annie Sullivan as a governess and teacher to help their daughter. With the help and patience of her governess, Helen gained understanding and knowledge of what is happening in the world. A lesson that she learnt sitting beside the well outside her house helped Helen recognize the importance of words and their meanings. The realization that words can offer so much more to her dark world set the break-through point in her journey of understanding.

How You Can Catch The Show

You can catch The Miracle Worker Broadway shows, playing at the Circle in the Square Theatre, at the timings suitable to you. Secure online ticket sites allow you to book your tickets without the hassle of standing in long queues. You can feel assured that the transaction is safe, and you can also get your tickets home delivered.

You can avail of the different categories of tickets. They are available in the regular and premier rates. Online brokers can also offer you discounted fares.

Other Advantages

You can also avail various other advantages offered by the theatre absolutely free of charge to its patrons who are viewing The Miracle Worker Broadway shows.

The patrons who are blind or who have limited vision are provided with an audio description system using which they can hear a detailed account of what is happening on the stage, the actor’s movements, their costumes, and the sets.

For the patrons who are deaf or have a limited hearing ability can avail of hand-held devices using which they can read what the actors are saying throughout the show. Any announcements and other cues are also mentioned.

A translation system is in place for audience of The Miracle Worker Broadway show who is not able to understand the language. They can avail of this service which provides translation into Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Wheel-chair bound patrons can avail of the easy accessibility features provided by the theatre.

Among other advantages audiences can avail of discounted parking facilities. Ticket holders can also get tempting offers on food and beverages. Free appetizers and desserts along with your dinner are just some of the ways in which you can benefit from your ticket purchases.

To avail of these amazing offers you will need to inform the staff in advance so they can prepare accordingly.

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