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Samuel J. Friedman (formerly Biltmore Theatre)

261 West 47th Street

2 Hours 30 Minutes; One 15 Minute Intermission

September 30, 2010 (Closing December 12, 2010)

Broadway Play (Drama)

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The Pitmen Painters is the latest work from English playwright and screenwriter Lee Hall. Hall is best known for creating the screenplay for the 2000 film Billy Elliot which was adapted into an international musical sensation. The play has begun previews at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre on September 14, 2010 with an official opening date of September 30, 2010. The production is set for a limited run with a closing date of December 12, 2010. The Broadway transfer includes the original all-U.K. cast to tell the story of a group of aesthetically adventurous miners in Northern England.

While Hall's previous work in writing the book and lyrics for "Billy Elliot" brings attention to the new play this show is completely different. The Pitmen Painters Broadway show is based on true events still talked about today around many art circles. Hall drew his inspiration from the book by William Feaver', which recants the unlikely tale of blue collar workers in the Northumberland coal town during the 1930s and ’40s. The workers took an interest in paintings, originally looking forward to creating a place to discuss works of art in an open debate. Eventually, Robert Lyon's art historian and the teacher, decides to change his course plan from discussion to the creation of painting. The men would become to be known as the Ashington Group after emerging out of the art appreciation class into surprisingly impressive artists.

The Main characters of The Pitmen Painters Broadway play is absorbed in a full debate. As the teacher strongly states in his initial encounter with his class “Art isn’t about answers, It’s about asking questions.” The miners certainly take to Lyon's words and quickly begin questioning everything, seeking out answers and considering each varying opinion on the arts. The subtext also raises further questions on individuality and society. After all, that is what the story tells and what becomes so inspirational, a group of men who are perceived and stereotyped. These points are explored, at least indirectly, many times throughout Mr. Hall’s dramatic new play. As one of the painters states ever so gracefully “It’s easy for people outside to see us as a bunch of miners. However, we don’t see ourselves as that. We see ourselves as individuals, don’t we?”

There is much to adore in The Pitmen Painters Broadway play. It started out in 2007 at the Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne where it relished a sold out run. Eventually, the production was moved to the Royal National Theatre. It was then brought back before going out on tour throughout the U.K. The play gained much popularity in its native land, and the American premiere already has whispers for a Tony Award. The production features the first rate "All U.K" acting of Robert Lyon's (Ian Kelly) students, including Christopher Connel, Michael Hodgson, Brian Lonsdale, Deka Walmsley and David Whitaker. Max Roberts' handles the directing with a marvelous balance, seamlessly working in grittiness while adding sheen. Check out the Manhattan Theatre Club's presentation at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre this fall. You can view our great selection of The Pitmen Painters Broadway tickets by clicking the link.

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