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St James Theatre

246 West 44th Street

2 hours and 40 mins with 1 intermission

April 19, 2001

Original Musical Comedy

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The Producers Broadway Review

The Producers has been enjoying a nice run on Broadway since it's opening on April 19th 2001 at the St. James Theatre located at 246 West 44th Street. The production is considered an original musical comedy and critics as well as audiences agree the Mel Brooks classic holds up it's end of the laughter which is expected and promised. The show runs for two hours and forty minutes with one intermission.

Based on the Mel Brook's movie, of the same name, which played in 1968 the story tells of a down and out producer who writes the worst screen play in the history of movie script writing and then continues to attempt of conning two old ladies out of two million dollars.

The hilarious Broadway power duo of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick team up to play the classic characters of Max Biaystock and accountant Leo Bloom. Both actors received acclaim for their work with the production and the slapstick humor, which is often just plain silly is pulled of with perfection throughout the brilliant show.

The storyline of the show is based in New York around the 1959 time period, in which Max creates the worst screen play ever to be written, this of course was done purposely. Max wants the script to be a failure in order to back out of having to pay his investors, and con everyone out of their money.

The comedy begins right away when you think what could the worst screen play ever written possibly be named? Well, Springtime For Hitler sure seems to have the name for a bad screenplay. What could be worst, or really more funny is how the bill is advertised, as a gay romp through World War II. With all this said it seems doomed from the start, just like Max and Leo expect, but who could ever guess that it would soon become a huge hit.

Now there are very special comedic moments which occur throughout these events, and both Lane and Broderick really play the silly slapstick comedy of Mel Brook's extremely well. The singing and music also adds a nice touch to the humor and story. The story then moves on into the main plot as the two con men are forced to try and take advantage of two older women for the two million dollars they set out to rob from the investors.

The show is perfect for adults who enjoy sill and more slapstick humor. The comedy is not very deep or intellectual humor at all, more of the silly little things which hit your funny bone hard and fast and just makes you laugh. For a light hearted night out on Broadway and some real good laughs The Producers will most likely provide exactly what is advertises and probably more laughs then you can handle. With 11 Tony's in 2001 including best musical score, best director and best musical you cannot go wrong. The Producers Broadway show tickets are on sale and average price runs seventy-five dollars.

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