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Walter Kerr Theater

219 W 48th Street

Two hours and 40 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission

October 1, 2008

Broadway Play (Drama)

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Anton Chekov, a master playwright of his era, wrote the famous play ‘The Seagull’ in 1895. It is considered to be one of the most important plays of the century. Though the 19th century was characterized by melodrama, Chekov chose otherwise. ‘The Seagull’ keeps all dramatic elements off stage. This has enabled the audience to be more engaged in real action and theme. The storyline employs the mental faculties of the audience with the debate between romantic and artistic deliberations.

Features Of The Play

Chekov’s plays are known for their diverse and strong cast. ‘The Seagull’ also has multi-colored vibrant roles. The characters of the play are so full of life that it is impossible to remain detached from them. Be it the actress Arkadina or the playwright Treplyov or the laborer Yakov; each one is unique. The interweaving of the play’s characters occupies the stage. The play is considered strongly related to the famous Shakespearean tragedy- Hamlet. The characters in the play keep quoting lines from this great tragedy. Arkadina and Treplyov keep speaking to each other using famous quotes of Hamlet. So, there’s an added element of drama for the viewers.


The first performance of the play was staged at the Alexandrinsky Theater in Petersburg on the 17th of October, 1896. It is interesting to know that this first show was a total flop. The actress playing the role of Nina was an acclaimed actress. Vera Komissarzhevskaya, however, ruined the first show by getting dumbfounded on stage. Thereafter the audience was harsh on her and Chekov considered this to be his end. He even went to the extent of thinking of quitting. But after all, you can’t possibly keep great work under cover. The later performances of the play were successful. This success came as a surprise to Chekov who had already spelled out his doom. He couldn’t believe his luck in light of his first failure.

The Quality Of The Play

The Seagull is a wonderful piece of literature that remains one of the favorite till date as the performance of ‘The Seagull’ remains a common feature even today. Audiences enjoy the strength of characters and the storyline. The Seagull tickets are sold in large numbers. This story narrated over a period of two years is still deeply enchanting to its admirers. The love triangle and the conflict of romance add feathers to its popularity. The Seagull is an oft-staged play and yet, one that remains fresh as ever.

See the play for its alluring romance and drama. You’ll definitely not be wasting your bucks in The Seagull tickets . Watch it on an evening out and hopefully, with a good cast you shall have the best of time. Buy tickets online if you want them quickly and easily. You don’t have to hurry when you have online brokers to get you secured The Seagull tickets. Hope you have a good time!

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