Thurgood Play – The Story Behind US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall

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Booth Theater

1535 Broadway

Approximately 90 minutes, with no intermission

April 30, 2008

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Tony Award winner, Laurence Fishburne portrays the story of one of America’s greatest heroes, Thurgood Marshall in the Thurgood play. George Stevens Jr’s powerful new play, Thurgood is a solo show where the remarkable story of the United States Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall is depicted by Laurence Fishburne with great aplomb. The play is the triumphant story of the first African-American Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States who rose to the august position from a childhood in the back streets of Baltimore. Although there were many obstacles in his long journey, Marshall remained focused on his goal through it all and overcame his many difficulties to serve his country. The Thurgood play brings alive the wisdom, the tenacity and the wit of Thurgood Marshall.

The Play

What’s more, Thurgood play is the only Broadway play where a legal verdict is greeted with a round of heartwarming applause. The play is more of a documentary with Fishburne doing the honors. Although Fishburne turns in a compelling performance as Marshall with the requisite doses of humanity and humor interspersed in his delivery, one tends to get the impression that the play is more about a journey from court to court. At the end of 90 minutes of the Thurgood play, you exit the theater with only a marginal knowledge about the man behind the journey. One tends to wish that the director had paid more attention to Marshall’s private trials and devoted lesser time to his more public tribulations.

In the play, Laurence Fishburne makes his entry as an aged albeit vigorous Marshall, returning to Howard University to deliver a speech after his retirement from the Supreme Court. Blacks were not admitted in the University of Maryland, the best law school in his home town. That policy was soon put to an end by one of Marshall’s early civil-rights victories. In the Thurgood play, Laurence Fishburne gradually rids himself of the frailties of age as he plays a guide to his well-known past. The cane, the framed eye glasses and the faltering step are quickly dispensed with as Fishburne goes back in time as Marshall.

The entertaining play which opened at the Booth Theater in New York in the end of the April, though not as gaily entertaining as a musical or riveting as a drama, nonetheless is extremely edifying to those who are reminiscent of America’s progressive days. Thurgood is the play to watch for those who are in the mood for a distinguished show with a gratifying performance by Academy Award nominee, Laurence Fishburne. Tickets to this solo show can be availed at the best prices. Online booking of tickets will provide you with the best seats at the best rates, so click here now to get your tickets for Thurgood.

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