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Broadhurst Theater

235 West 44th Street

Two hours and 35 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission

September 25, 2009

Broadway Play - Drama

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Equus the play is a fascinating story about a young boy and his pathological and sexual fascination for horses. The play has been running to packed houses all over the world for the past several years. Now that the play has come to Broad Hurst Theatre in New York, don’t give it a miss.

Equus - The Plot

Equus is a play written by Peter Shaffer. It is a story of how a psychiatrist tries to treat a young man who has sexual attraction for horses. Shaffer was inspired to write the play when he first heard about a real life incident that occurred in a small town near London. The incident was about a young 17 year old boy who intentionally blinded six horses with a hoof pick.

The story of the play is based on this incident but it follows a fictional account of what might have caused this incidence. You would find Equus the play depicted as a detective story that describes the attempts of child psychiatrist Dr. Martin Dysart trying to find the cause of the boy’s actions.

Some feel that the story has a religious and a ritual theme attached to it. Still others feel that the story has been constructed on a personal theology that involves the supreme God and horses. You actually have to see this thrilling play to make your own deductions.

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If you want to book your tickets Equus the play, then now is the time to do it. Here are some ways to get your hands on some tickets for this sensational play:

Search at the box office: This is probably the first place where you would try to locate some tickets. If you are booking at least a couple of months in advance then give this option a try, otherwise forget about getting tickets at the box office.

Ask your family and friends: You could ask your friends and relatives if they have some extra tickets Equus the play.Search the net: Try and locate tickets on the Internet. There are quite a few auction sites that have tickets for sale. Though do be careful as these tickets are bound to be awfully expensive.

Try the forums: Put up your desperation for some tickets for Equus the play on the forums and you never know, someone just might offer you some extra tickets.If none of the above help, then the only way left is to book your tickets with an online ticket broker.

When you book your tickets with an online broker, ensure that you do not select extremely cheap ones. Cheap tickets usually have a poor view. Book with a reliable and a reputable online ticketing service, this would ensure that you get good quality seats even though you might have to pay some amount above the face value of the tickets.

Book your tickets Equus the play today.

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