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Brooks Atkinson Theater

256 W 47 Street


August 16, 2007

Broadway Musical

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What would you do when your lover shows his true color after spending romantic moments with you? Well, this is exactly what happens to Sandy, a virtuous young girl, who has to decide whether to leave her lover Danny or continue with the affair after she finds out the ‘real’ guy in him. “Grease” is no ordinary story of high school teen love. It has many twists and turns that are enough to keep you glued to your seat till the end.

Twist In The Tale

The biggest turn in the story comes with the entry of Sandy in high school. This is the same school where the dashing Danny roams around with a handful of pretty young girls. He is Mr. Popular and knows exactly how to woo beauties. With glossy hair and denim wear, he makes a style statement in the entire show.

When Danny meets Sandy, “Grease” converts into a rock ‘n’ roll party with hit numbers like ‘Summer Nights’, ‘Could Do’, and ‘Beauty School Dropout’, setting the stage on fire. The big chase begins and the audience is thrown in frenzy with the terrific performances given by the both the lead characters.

The music rendered by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey is electrifying. So is the choreography by Patricia Birch. As the music plays on, you get an urge to shake your body and dance with the romantic tunes of “Grease”!

A Record Breaker

Had it not been for the Broadway show “Chorus Line”, “Grease” would have run forever in theaters. “Grease” was first shown in 1972 and continued to entertain the audience till 1980 – a whopping 8 years of rock ‘n’ roll!

Do you know that the original “Grease” was a long five-hour show? It was cut down to two hours while showing it in New York theaters. The amazing thing about “Grease” is that it was shot in a garage with a handful of actors who were struggling to get established in the world of acting. However, this did not stop this mesmerizing musical to capture the hearts of each American and even foreigners.

The fine direction, light and sound effects, and the dramatic designs of the sets led to history being created in Broadway.

So, if you are interested in knowing the decision of Sandy and whether Danny is successful with all the chasing that he does, book your seats now!

Tickets For Grease

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Watching “Grease” from the front row is the most marvelous thing to happen! Get close to the party animals and shake a leg along with them. Shed all inhibitions and rock and roll for the party is here at your city!

“Grease” is the word on everyone’s lips!

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