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Live Earth Tickets
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The Live Earth concert tour will begin on July 7, 2007 and is a call to arms for the public and performers of rock and pop music to warn and inform on the dangers of global warming. The hope of this tour is not only to entertain but to bring forth the largest number of performers, as well as audience members to create a festival of amazing proportions. To say this may be the largest global events in history is an understatement With the possibility of 150 of the top music performances alongside a global audience of 2 billion people, the chances of this being a historic moment in history are immense. Tickets for Live Earth concert have been selling like crazy with the help of Save Our Selves or (SOS) who will be the organization responsible for this event with the help and PR of Al Gore who announced the event on February 15, 2007, at an LA media event.

Al Gore has made headlines many times for his position on environmental issues especially focusing around global warming. Many other Hollywood activist celebrities will join with the former Vice President to keep this issue and importance of the event in the media's cross hairs.

Whether or not you care or want to get involved in the issues which will bring this epic concert event to a full fledged monstrosity are up to you and your views. The fact is that it is a great opportunity to see some of the best of the best all in one awesome festival. Most know that this type of event is no stranger to the music and activist list of classic shows, 25 years ago "Live Aid" created an amazing experience connecting the both the music an the humanitarian activist worlds together. 2005 continued the legacy with the Live 8 tour. The Live Earth Tour will try to capture the magic and with a list of performers and bands such as:

Kanye West
Kelly Clarkson
KT Tunstall
Alicia Keys
Bon Jovi
Sheryl Crow Melissa Etheridge
Dave Matthews Band
Fall Out Boy
Roger Waters
Smashing Pumpkins
John Mayer
The Police

Tickets For Live Earth Concert

Tickets for Live Earth concert have already went on sale as of 10 a.m on April 16, 2007. The concert will play on 7/07/07 at Giants Stadium for the New York venue. Tickets for Live Earth concert are selling for around $80.00 on average for this venue with premium seating reaching astounding amounts.

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