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Tickets for Trans Siberian Orchestra concert tours are one of the top selling shows now that the tour has been announced. TSO as they have become known to be called by their loyal following seem to never have problems selling tickets. Their tours start and end during the holiday season and sell out regularly each year. There is much to look forward to with the 2009 tour ready to start.

Every TSO show is filled with a visual dazzling performance. The shows include high production numbers with the stage and special effects such as smoke and fire. Tickets for Trans Siberian Orchestra concert tours never let down the patrons. The music is emotionally felt from the engaging audiences. Though the tours have become known for their Christmas theme and holiday tour dates the show is much more than a dedicated Christmas event. The band will play songs in 2009 from their latest album "Nightcastle" which is rumored to be released on October 27, 2009.

More On TSO

The band is considered to be a rock orchestra which presents a rock opera style of music. TSO was founded by Paul O'Neill in 1996 with members Robert Kinkel and Jon Oliva. The band's overall style is a complex mixing classical music with progressive rock while blending in indications of heavy metal. Paul's original intention was to bring forth emotionally charged music, which brings out the sensations of the listener while including lyrical stories to the song form.

The band became most known for their recordings of traditional Christmas songs, which have become highly popular. With the release of "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" in 1996 was well received by all age groups. The popularity has led to the holiday tours which occur each year and make tickets for Trans Siberian Orchestra concert tours one of the biggest grosses for the season. These shows have become elaborate with the incorporation of amazing light shows and pyrotechnics, which move along with each performance.

The Tour And Tickets

The band has actually been divided into two different orchestras to accommodate the demanding tours. This means that while the shows are the same the actual musicians are not. For many die hard fans wanting the big names will depend on the city they live in. The shows are divided into two sets, the first focused on presenting the original release of Christmas Eve and Other Stories" while the second set covers a variety of their other albums. The second set usually covers songs, which are not Christmas related as well as covers such as "Layla", "Immigrant Song", and "Proud Mary" which have been preformed in the past. The 2009 show may present non Christmas performances from the soon to be released "Nightcastle" album, which includes "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff and has been previewed live at TSO shows since the 2004 tour.

Tickets for Trans Siberian Orchestra concert tours sell out often. To ensure getting seats for a show it is better to act early rather than last minute. Ticket prices for sold out shows can double or triple in prices. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the Trans Siberian Orchestra performances or wanting to see your first show the 2009 tour looks to be a promising event.

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