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Hilton Theater

214 West 43rd Street


November 8th 2007

Broadway Musical Comedy

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One of the hardest things to come by this season could well be seats for this show. While watching a good piece of horror is always a thrill, there is just something irresistible about watching those same horror flicks with a strong comedic twist.

There are numerous reasons, why seats are one of the most anticipated items of the season. As if another Mel Brooks production wasn't reason enough, the play is based on the immensely popular movie that Brooks wrote with another comedy legend Gene Wilder- a movie that Brooks often refers to as his best work ever.

Funny Frankenstein

The original Frankenstein is anything but a funny film. Based on the original book by Mary Shelley, the story follows the trials and tribulations of an ambitious young scientist that tries to create his very own human being and bring it to life. However, this creation turns out to be far different from what the young scientist envisioned.

The original Frankenstein is not only a horror flick but also a sad story- the monster that is created is abandoned by its owner and people run in terror of it. In fact, by the end of the story, one is left to wonder, if the monster is the real horror in the piece or the young scientist, who created him in the first place. On the whole, the subject matter is rather grim and gruesome- hardly something people would think of laughing at.

More than a Few Laughs

Of course, one can only expect rip-roaring comedy when Mel Brooks decides to play around with things for a while. This is why, there is already such a demand for seeing this production. But the play itself is far more than a collection of laughs- Brooks has also done a brilliant job of parodying the horror genre itself. Horror movies and books often tend to take themselves way too seriously and as a result, tend to be funny without even meaning to be. But here, rest assured that Brooks wants you to laugh.

Another reason for the popularity of tickets for Young Frankenstein is the songs- not only do we have comedy, but the play is in fact a musical, replete with a number of great songs and dances. The cast of Young Frankenstein is a stellar one, featuring some of the biggest names of the screen and stage. For instance, Megan Mullally of Will & Grace Fame stars as well as one of the foremost comediennes of our times, Andrea Martin. The play promises to be an extravaganza of spectacular sets and special effects, coupled with great music and dances, plus a load of laughs that will leave a definite stitch in your side. The production team includes a number of big Tony Awards winners for aspects like design, sound and music. There's a pretty good chance that you will never see Frankenstein in the same way ever again. So, if you are looking forward to having an enjoyable evening of good fun, music and an overall experience that will be a feast for the senses, Young Frankenstein is the way to go. Get online now and get to an authorized ticket broker for your tickets for Young Frankenstein.

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