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Brooks Atkinson Theater

256 W 47 Street


August 16, 2007

Broadway Musical

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It was in 1972 when two talented individuals, Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, combined an ordinary teen love story with some rock ‘n’ roll music to produce an extraordinary smashing Broadway show. It was known as “Grease”!

A Timeless Musical

Many decades have passed; the fever of “Grease” is still high. When the show was first run in Chicago in 1972, it was expected to run for a fixed period of time just like other shows and then forgotten forever. But these theories turned out to be baseless! The show experienced a colossal success and ran in the theaters for six years continuously!!

The stunning fact is that the original “Grease” show was five hours long! Yet, passionate fans came to see it repeatedly! Besides this, the characters were played by amateur actors. The scenes were shot in a garage! This proves that there was something in this unique musical show that seemed to stir the world of Broadway despite its humble making. What was it?

The Uniqueness Of Grease

One of the specialties of this musical is that it challenged the conventional forms of music of 1950’s. It managed to become a classic with its rock ‘n’ roll music, which was not the mainstream culture during that time.

Another fine thing about this musical is that it portrays teen pop culture of the 50’s. It depicts a love affair between two teenagers beautifully. Both the characters are in high school and both have a completely different attitude. For the modern hectic lifestyles, which lacks room for spending time together with loved ones, this show gives a surge of relaxation and makes you rediscover the need to cherish your love. So, it’s not an exclusive teen show. It’s a complete family show.

The impeccable direction by Jacobs and Casey and the fine choreography by Patricia Birch make you drop your jaw with awe. The designs of costumes as well as the sets, plus the light and sound effect, reflect an excellent work of art. Even if you are not into watching mushy love stories, you must watch this Broadway show, as it’s not just a story being told, it’s a rock ‘n’ roll party on stage. And you are being invited to it!

Tickets To Grease On Broadway

How about getting tickets to Grease on Broadway for the front row of the show? Well, this seems to be a crazy idea, looking at the fact that the house is full. You have to have lady luck by your side to get tickets. Forget front row, it’s impossible to get a ticket for any show!

But with Reedstickets, getting tickets is possible, that too, of the front row! You might have to shell out some extra dollars though, as we have to utilize our resources to get you the tickets. But that’s not an issue in front of “Grease” fever!

It’s said that everything’s fair in love and war. Let’s say that every dollar spent is fair in getting tickets for “Grease”!

So, get ready to watch the biggest teen blockbuster ever!

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