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The concert event is set to reach as many as two billion people over the course of twenty-four hours and will cover all seven continents to connect the world through music and make a statement for the alarming problem of global warming.

The event was announced by Al Gore and is to be performed on July 7, 2007, to raise attention to the Vice Presidents mission. Live Earth will be held in China, South Africa, Australia, London, Japan, Brazil and the United States with such performers as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, Snoop Dogg, Melissa Etheridge, the Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, Duran Duran, Korn, Pharrell, the Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Enrique Iglesias, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

There is certainly something here for everyone and is set to be the concert event of the summer. Behind all the hype lies an amazing amount of rock and pop music talent coming together for a serious cause. Regardless of the political overtones and agenda which is bringing this event to fruition, the show and acts seem to speak volumes for the potential of an amazing and possibly historic moment in New York entertainment.

Tickets To Live Earth

Tickets to Live Earth are difficult to procure do to the supply and demand. Originally seats were sold on a ballot system which patrons had to register for. The registration process was over on April 23, 2007, and people who were able to purchase tickets were limited to only two per person. The show may be one of the most difficult to get seats for and a broker may be the only option to guarantee a legitimate seat. Using a broker is more expensive, however there seems to be some reasonable priced seats available.

New York is famous for the taking advantage of visitors to popular events. Scalpers will be preying on most patrons looking to attend the event. Be very aware of anyone looking make a quick sale.

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