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Cort Theatre

138 West 48th Street

2 Hours with one 15 Minute Intermission

January 28, 2010 (Limited Engagement - March 27, 2010)

Broadway Play - Drama

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It is really a joy to capture the amazing performances of actors portraying realistic characters on the stage. Broadway shows have had loyal and dedicated patrons for ages who have witnessed seasoned actors showcasing their talents through this medium. With the right mix of actors and their realistic performances, Broadway shows are able to enliven the characters and their varied joys and dilemmas. The Time Stands Still play review manages to capture the very essence of what the director wants to showcase to the audience. It defines the way lives are spent in answering the pivotal questions of whether people are supposed to be just an audience to the tragedies of life or whether to play a part and try to make life better.

Daniel Sullivan has managed to pose this difficult issue in front of the audience and let them decide on the actual answer. His Time Stands Still play review discusses the feelings and life of a media figure caught in the throes of a war. Emmy award winning actress Laura Linney handles the role of Sarah Goodwin superbly and conveys to the audience the seriousness with which Sarah views the trivialities of life.

Playing the role of a war photographer, Linney expertly demonstrates the thin line between recording the tragedies of life to show it to the public and her own personal demons. With the wounds still freshly noticeable on her face, she demonstrates the dangers of working in the terrible war theatres and all it brings with it.

Time Stands still play review is superbly supported by the cast, especially Brian D’arcy James, the boyfriend, who does not completely live up to the image Sarah has of life. Eric Bogosian plays an editor who is happy with a partner who is an event manager, played by the young and vivacious Alicia Silverstone. All four of the actors manage to bring to the play the very nature of the characters devised by Donald Margulies and are greatly appreciated in any Time Stands Still play review.

This Manhattan Theatre club production brings to the forefront the validity of the age-old question faced by the war photographers, whether they are perpetuating the misfortunes of the sufferers by showing it to the rest of the humanity or warning the world at large of what exactly goes on in that unfortunate part of the world. Also if in their quest, they are able to help some injured few, should they do it physically or just with the aid of their camera?

These are the just few of the moments of despair that are captured in the Time Stands Still play review.

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