Time Stands Still - A Play That Tackles Some Tough Issues

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Cort Theatre

138 West 48th Street

2 Hours with one 15 Minute Intermission

January 28, 2010 (Limited Engagement - March 27, 2010)

Broadway Play - Drama

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Time Stands Still is a stellar play from the award-winning playwright Donald Margulies. Margulies is perhaps best known for his play Dinner With Friends, which won him the Pulitzer Prize in 2000. His other plays Collected Stories and Sight Unseen were also finalists for the Pulitzer Prize. Time Stands Still is his latest play and many critics are already calling it his best recent work, comparing it to the Pulitzer-winning Dinner With Friends. The play does not deal with easy issues and doesn’t offer the audience any kind of resolution. But it is certainly worth watching since it makes the audience think.

A Tough Situation

Time Stands Still revolves around a couple. Sarah is a photo journalist who is no stranger to taking searing pictures of violence in war zones. Her partner James is a reporter. Sarah and James both end up doing some tough assignments in Iraq. However, James soon succumbs to a nervous breakdown and leaves Iraq for the States, leaving Sarah behind. After he leaves, she is injured by a roadside bomb. She returns home with a maimed face and an injured leg. She and James are alone together at home after a very long time. But things are not very easy.

On the surface, being together may seem like a good thing. After all, both Sarah and James have gone through tough times and could certainly do with the rest. One would also think this would be a good time for the couple to reconnect. But this play delves deeper into the realistic and often uncomfortable situations that happen once a couple is at home. Sarah, who seems to be more comfortable in war zones, taking pictures of violence, finds it very hard to sit at home while James looks after her. James is overcome with guilt for leaving her alone in Iraq. He is also a little envious of her, since her career has been more successful than his.

An Uneven Balance

There has been a high demand for Time Stands Still tickets, mainly to see the hard-hitting performances by the lead actors. Some people have even found it difficult to find tickets at the box office. This is because in the play, Margulies transports the audience into a situation which is disturbing yet very gripping. While the couple has their problems, they are also visited by an old friend and his much younger girlfriend Mandy. On the surface, Mandy appears to be the airhead but it’s clear that of all the characters present, she is perhaps the most grounded. Her lines also provide some sharp slices of humor throughout the play.

The play also tackles some tough ethical questions. For instance, at one point, Mandy asks Sarah how she can take pictures of a maimed child instead of running to help it. The audience is shown how this ability of Sarah’s to distance herself from things plays a role in her troubles with James. The play touches on some of Margulies’s favorite topics such as the exploitative aspects of writing, the after-effects of trauma as well as the trials of marriage. In order to make sure you can get tickets for Time Stands Still, contact an authorized online ticket vendor who offers home delivery.

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