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New York and Broadway have become synonymous. You think of one, and you automatically think of the other. This is simply because New York happens to be the top destination for visitors and tourists, and every visitor or tourist has one thing on his/her agenda – to take in at least one show on Broadway. Broadway, of course, needs no introduction, even if you do not happen to a theater enthusiast. Think of theater, and you think of Broadway; think of excellence in theater, and you think of Broadway; think of the mega theatrical productions, and you think only of Broadway. No wonder, Broadway happens to be the capital of world theater!

New York started as a small Dutch settlement on the southern tip of the Island of Manhattan in 1614, and was known as New Amsterdam. Broadway is the oldest north-south avenue in the city, and dates back to the times when the area had its first Dutch settlers, and even before that! Even before the Dutch came to this area, this was an Indian trail known as Wickquasgeck Trail. It originally snaked through the swamps and rocks of Manhattan Island. The Dutch converted this Indian trail into the main road of the island and was known to them as Breede Weg – literally meaning Broadway in English.

Peter Minuit, the Director General of the Dutch Colony of New Netherland, purchased Manhattan and Staten Islands from the Canarse Native Americans on May 24, 1626. New Amsterdam was incorporated formally as a city on February 2, 1653, and in 1664 was renamed - in honor of the Duke of York and Albany - as New York, when the British conquered New Amsterdam.

New York, and by extension Broadway, has the best theatrical productions, incomparable to any in the world. The connection between New York and theatrical entertainment on Broadway can be traced back to a coffee house – The King’s Arms – in 1696, where the first known amateur theatrical performances were held. The King’s Arms was just south of the Trinity Church in Manhattan.

The famous Theater District in Broadway is where Broadway Avenue crosses the 7th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, near the Times Square.

This part of Broadway that includes the area between 42nd and 53rd streets is also known as the Great White Way. Millions of tourists and audiences come here for the theater shows. Broadway is the first electrically lighted avenue in the Unites States, and a mile of Broadway is illuminated by more than 1800 arc lamps. Millions of lights on the theater marquees and advertisement billboards around the Times Square inspired some journalist, in 1902, to call it the Great White Way.

Tkts Tickets New York Broadway

Tkts (tickets) in New York for popular Broadway shows are always at a premium, especially if the productions happen to be exceptional. For such tkts tickets New York Broadway, your best option is to approach the box office of the theater and see what is available. The early the better as many popular shows can sell out very fast for popular show times. Going to a mid week matinee is a great way to see a popular show with great seats at a face value price.

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