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John Golden Theatre

242 W. 45th Street

Two hours 45 minutes - one 15 minute intermission

November 4, 2007

Broadway Play

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Wed & Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

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Tom Stoppard has finally acknowledged his Czechian origins and paid due homage through Rock and Roll! Tom Stoppard’s “Rock and Roll” New York City tickets have been selling like hot cakes ever since it hit the theaters. The play symbolizes the struggle of two young men caught in unconventional circumstances. It depicts their resistance to the system while trying to preserve what is theirs, what is human.

The Play

The play spanning the years 1968 to 1990 is set in two cities Prague and Cambridge. The play has two central characters; Jan and Ferda and the entire plot revolves around these two.

Tom Stoppard’s Rock and Roll beautifully depicts the drastic differences in the two cities; Czechoslovakia, a country in conflict and England, specifically Cambridge, a city of intellect. The play moves you with its depiction of Prague a country where its protagonist has to go to prison while demanding the freedom they have lost. This image is compared with the calm of the Cambridge garden where the other protagonist and his friends freely display their competing utopias.

Somewhere in the play “Rock and Roll” one can see visions of Tom Stoppard in the character Jan. Jan is impressed and fascinated by the rock band Plastic People of the Universe for their devotion to music and nothing else. Music was in their soul and that liked it that way and they got persecuted simply because the band was considered to be resisting the communist regime.

Likewise Tom Stoppard is also fascinated by them for their simplicity and their desire to be themselves. He was impressed by their view that they did not want to change anyone or anything. They believed that if left alone, humanity would reinvent itself.

Tom Stoppard the Playwright

Born in Czechoslovakia on July 3rd 1937, Tom and his family fled the country to escape the Nazis. He spent the early part of his childhood fleeing from Singapore to India and finally spent most of his growing up years in England.

The early part of his career saw him working as a journalist for the Western Daily Press (1954-58) and then the Bristol Evening World (1958-60). He then freelanced as a drama critic for Scene (1962-63). Here he discovered his talent for drama and started writing plays for radio and television.

Among his earlier plays, his first major success was with the play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” (1966). After its grand show to packed theaters in 1967, he went on to write play after play over the next ten years with the most popular of his plays being the “Jumpers” (1972) and “Travesties” (1974).

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