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Two hours and 25 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission

April 15, 2008

Broadway Play (Drama)

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Top Girls theatre premiered recently and received mixed reviews. The play is written by Caryl Churchill and stars Mary Catherine Garrison, Elizabeth Marvel, Martha Plimpton and Marisa Tomei. It is directed by James MacDonald. The story revolves around the lives of certain women in an employment agency in London. The main lead of the play is Marlene who has been promoted to the top management status in the employment agency. The script of the play is highly episodic and at times even disjointed.

The Story And Star Cast

Marlene’s story is recreated in a voyage wherein she has to go through many mean choices between the heart and the head. It seems that the writer of the play was distressed while penning down this play. She is not clear between her choices of femininity and feminism in the male dominated society! The play proceeds with a party hosted by Marlene and each woman character is compelled to tell her story during the ongoing party. Top girls theatre is a play that can be called a collection of many powerful women who come from different walks of lives and are all successful in their careers.

The cast of the show has done full justice to the play and it also has been brilliantly directed by James Macdonald. The commitment and the keenness of the cast are clearly visible in the play. Marlene adjusts beautifully into all the complex roles. Top Girls theatre group is complete with many exceptionally good actresses as all of them add to the magnetic appeal of the play.

Let us now go through some tips for buying the best deals for this Broadway show. Broadway is a high end production company so it is very natural for the tickets to get more expensive and difficult to get. Nevertheless, there are many online brokers who can arrange tickets for you and also deliver them at your doorstep.

Where To Get The Best Deal?

Going online is the only best option if you need tickets for a Broadway show. Locate a good ticket broker and go through the various options he has available with him. You would come across individual tickets, group tickets, VIP tickets and premium tickets.Top Girls theatre shows for a Saturday night would be most difficult to get. It is advisable that you make your bookings well in advance so that you do not face any hassles later.

Monday nights are slow on Broadway and Wednesday matinee would also be a good option. In this way you would be able to get a good seat and that too at a reasonable price.Beware of scalpers who are the biggest cons for any new Broadway visitor. Instead of trying to get ticket the wrong way, it is better to visit the internet and book online.While booking online, choose the date and the venue and check for the prices and the availability. Once you have decided where you want to go to, click on ‘Go to Order Review’ and place your order.Always compare the rates offered to you by different booking brokers. You just might come across some good discount offers.

Top Girls theatre booking through the net would ensure that your tickets are safe and secure.

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